Quantron AG becomes importer of CATL in Europe

Lithium batteries from the manufacturer CATL can be purchased from Quantron throughout Europe - a positive impulse for electromobility and the Augsburg region.

The trend towards electric vehicles is steadily growing. The Augsburg-based company and CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) concluded a comprehensive trade & service agreement: Quantron is from now on an authorized distributor and service partner of the world's largest lithium ion battery manufacturer for commercial vehicles and industrial applications in Europe. As importer, Quantron will be authorized to be CATL's dealer and supply CATL batteries in Europe. The two companies will thus support each other in their efforts to promote e-mobility in Europe.

CATL battery solutions for Quantron commercial vehicles and customer-specific product developments

In the future, Quantron AG will use standardized CTP (cell to pack) battery solutions (based on LFP chemistry system) for electrified commercial vehicles. This will enable the company to offer high energy density combined with low costs and great sustainability (cobalt free) in the vehicles. For further flexible cooperation the company also offer intergrated battery solutions with CATL's NMC battery products for specific customer requirments, access to CATL standard components enables the company to develop individual battery solutions for specific customer requirements based on NMC-ceels, bring them quickly to series production and deliver them in the appropriate quantities.

Vision of CATL and Quantron

CATL has become the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries in recent years. The company, headquartered in Ningde (China), has set itself the goal of promoting the expansion of electric mobility in Europe beyond the passenger car market. The cooperation with Quantron additionally strengthens this plan in the areas of sales and after sales.

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