3D-CAD for Tool-less Serial Manufacturing of 3D Micro-Components


How do you quickly gain market share and cost advantages with new

products? The solution is tool-less serial manufacturing directly from 3D-CAD

data. With the generative processes of the globally patented RMPD(R) (Rapid

Micro Product Development) technologies, products are generated-- even in

large quantities-- from liquid polymer, and no tools are required. The costs

and the time typically required for injection molding processes are


For the RMPD series 3D-CSP, design and bonding technologies are directly

integrated into the production process of the microsystem, thus ensuring high

packing density. Examples of applications include camera miniaturization and

sensor systems with integrated data and energy transfer.

Only the switch to generative manufacturing can lead to the elimination

of labor and processing steps, and the advantages can be seen as early as the

product development phase, especially in the areas of biotechnology

microfluid devices and serial manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip systems. Only

the RMPD(R) is able to automatically create surface properties, such as

hydrophilic areas, during the growth process. At the same time,

post-treatment steps can also be eliminated, as there are more than 300

different polymers available for specific applications.

Since the company was founded, microTEC has been using SolidWorks' CAD

technology. The intuitive operation of the 3D-CAD software accelerates

collaboration with both the team and the customer, thus enabling rapid market

implementation and end-user execution of most customer requests. Also, data

from circuitry layouts (OrCAD) can be directly integrated, and "Click and

Quote" features enable pricing inquiries and order placement from any PC,

anywhere in the world, via online CAD data transfer. From April 11, 2005 at

the Hannover Expo, hall 14, booth H 50.


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