ESMO supports women in South Africa to become autonomous workers

On the occasion of International Women's Day, ESMO affirmed its commitment towards "An equal world is an enabled world", through the partnership with Township Patterns for the sustainable production of congress bags for its meetings, helping women in townships around Cape Town to become autonomous workers by running sewing cooperatives.

"Gender equality is a social responsibility: everyone can take an active part toward its achievement," said ESMO President Solange Peters. "As a professional society, we are at the forefront to address inequalities among female oncologists, and our activities are fueled by strongly believing in empowering women across every discipline and industry sector. Sometimes we just do not realise that every little action we take, such as selecting the right partner for producing gadgetry at meetings, may have an impact on global sustainability, and I am proud that ESMO is making wise choices in this regard."

By commissioning over 20,000 bags since 2017, ESMO has actively contributed to empowering 30 women across four cooperatives within Township Patterns' network. Cooperative chairlady Asakhe Sisilana said, "In the cooperative, we are able to support each other by saving money collectively as well as creating a fund for difficult times. Also, the work has helped us to fix our homes and get ready for wintertime to make sure our families are dry and warm. With a steady job, the ladies are in control of their money and that is powerful."

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