ESMO 2022 - Great oaks grow from small acorns: oncology is committed to doing its part for sustainability

At ESMO 2022, 9-13 September, Paris, France, the premier cancer congress in Europe, which has gathered 28k participants from 167 countries, many discussions will be around sustainability, prevention and novel approaches which could soon become a reality in the clinic.

  • Late-breaking results elucidate the link between air pollution and lung cancer in people who have never smoked

"Pollution has a known association with lung cancer, but we didn't know if and how it directly causes the disease" - Scientific Co-chair Charles Swanton, Francis Crick Institute, UK. These results begin to explain how environmental carcinogens can drive cancer, deriving a public health mandate to lower the levels of these pollutants, produced by the combustion of fossil fuels. "We have to achieve a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, by doing so we will naturally reduce levels of PM2.5. We can all play a part: we need to cycle more, walk more. PM2.5 cause 8 million deaths a year, not just due to cancer but also to other diseases, i.e., more than the deaths caused by tobacco globally."

  • Study confirms accuracy of multi-cancer early detection blood testing, possibly leading to major paradigm shift in screening and early detection

"This is one of the very first studies where the detection of cancer DNA in the blood has allowed to detect cancer at an early stage" - Scientific Co-Chair Fabrice André, Gustave Roussy, France. "If this test works, in the future it will be good news for patients. But with this comes a wake-up call for hospitals to see what will happen in 10 years and start now to train fellows and change infrastructures accordingly."

  • Other highly anticipated results to be presented at the ESMO Congress 2022

Phase III trial of first-in-class drug targeting a new molecular alteration in a rare category of cancers; landmark trial of cell therapy using tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes to improve outcomes for advanced melanoma; several late-phase trials of immunotherapy, including for non-small cell lunger cancer not eligible to standard chemotherapy; studies for underrepresented patient populations

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