paysafecard expanding to Slovenia

Accelerating on the path of European expansion

Ljubljana, 22nd of March 2006.

paysafecard, has set its sights on rapid expansion throughout Europe - having enjoyed impressive growth in recent years, the well-established means of online payment. paysafecard already enjoys a large presence and customer base in Germany and Austria, and now with entry into the Slovenian and Greek market, look set to take Europe by storm.

paysafecard, the innovative means of online payment offering customers purchasing goods or services online unparalleled security and flexibility is broadening its horizons. paysafecard, which up until recently has only been available throughout Austria and Germany, is now also distributed and marketed in Slovenia through the web site http://www.paysafecard.com/. paysafecard is rapidly continuing with its ambitious internationalisation plans, entering the most aggressive phase since the company went into business in the year 2000. Further European countries are to be targeted this year.

Consumer acceptance of this prepaid payment system - that was created and developed in Austria - has been increasing drastically over the last five years. The main features ensuring the success of paysafecard include security, simplicity and anonymity as well as decreasing the level of cyber crime - especially credit card data fraud. "With the addition of Slovenia and Greece we are opening up the non-German speaking markets, and with the Slovenian Tolar we are involving a new currency", states Michael Müller, CEO of paysafecard.com Wertkarten AG. "Both markets characteristically have a credit card penetration below 20 percent but at the same time high Internet usage. Ideal conditions for a well proven, safe and reliable payment method such as paysafecard", adds Udo Müller, Director International Business Development.

Five million Euros per month and 20.000 sales outlets

Founded in Vienna in the year 2000, paysafecard employs some 15 people.

paysafecard addresses internet users, who want to shop online in a safe and anonymous way or are not credit card holders, as well as those simply wanting to simplify the process of paying online. To enjoy shopping on the internet, customers can simply use their 16-digit PIN - purchased online or in one of more than 20.000 sales outlets, in order to purchase goods and/or services. paysafecard is currently accepted by over 2000 webshops. In 2005 paysafecard increased their monthly transaction volume by an unprecedented 200 per cent to 5 million Euros. The system is backed by reputable banks Commerzbank AG, and BAWAG P.S.K- as well as having had the support of major online applications developer IBM.

For more information visit http://www.paysafecard.com/

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