WISeKey joins Alinghi in its race to win the 32nd America's Cup

WISeKey to Co-Sponsor Alinghi - Defender of the 32nd America's Cup

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Geneva, Switzerland / Valencia, Spain, April 2nd 2007 - WISeKey is honoured to join Alinghi for the 32nd America's Cup Campaign and to bring its high security digital identification solutions to secure its key assets. WISeKey, as a Swiss company, shares more than a Geneva home base with Alinghi. Common values and an enterprising spirit are at the core of their partnership by combining the best of technologies with expertise to solve complex and dynamic challenges.

"We are delighted to welcome WISeKey as a Co Sponsor of Alinghi for the 32nd America's Cup.

As a team we need to share and access confidential information such as design data and clearly security is paramount in our campaign to win the America's Cup again. Our partnership with WISeKey will ensure that we have the optimum protection," says Grant Simmer, Alinghi managing director.

"We are proud to be a Co Sponsor of Alinghi and provider of their digital identification solutions. WISeKey has many areas in common with Alinghi including our corporate spirit, our federative model, and bringing together the best experts in the world to build a winning team. In the case of WISeKey, our experts work for safety and security in electronic communications and transactions whilst surfing the internet, and thus, enabling the new Web 2.0 from the very city that invented the World Wide Web", said Carlos Moreira, Founder and Chairman of WISeKey.

About WISeKey

From mainstream threats, such as viruses and spyware, to phishing and now pharming, secure communications and the protection of identity are on everyone's mind. In order to address these concerns, WISeKey set out to provide a reliable way of establishing a universal, secure identify system by developing a high security, low cost and easy-to-use solution called CertifyID. This solution enables and is built on advanced applications within the Microsoft Windows Server. These applications enable relatively low tech environments and entities to enjoy the same rock-solid security that would otherwise be available only through complex, expensive and sophisticated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.

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