SPYRUS and WISeKey Partner to Offer Advanced Security for Global Identity Protection

Geneva, Switzerland and San Jose, California (ots) - WISeKey, a global provider of digital identity authentication and access management solutions, and SPYRUS, Inc., an innovator in highly-advanced security products and digital rights management technologies, today announced a partnership to supply best of breed security solutions to the global Electronic Commerce marketplace. The integrated products and services deliver the strongest identity security framework commercially available.

WISeKey�'s Affiliate Network, empowered by the CertifyID product suite with the global root hosted in a secure bunker in Switzerland, is an expanding group of networked international service providers operating at their respective national levels. WISeKey has partnered with the International Telecommunications Union and the WTC to advance the Electronic Commerce in Developing Countries project. www.itu.int/ITU-D/e-strategies/ecdc/ra/introduction.html

The SPYRUS advanced Suite B security products consist of the LYNKS Hardware Security Module, regarded as the most cost-effective advanced HSM for issuing and managing electronic identities, the Hydra PC, and Rosetta security devices. All SPYRUS security devices are RoHS-compliant. The Rosetta and Hydra PC products provide tamper-resistant protection for keys and enable strong, two-factor authentication capabilities, a prerequisite for trusted electronic commerce. Both products differentiate from the competition by being the only hardware-based security devices to be approved by the US Government Data at Rest program to protect sensitive information on removable storage media, making them the ideal choice of security for all Government agencies, state and local governments, and NATO.

"Our global affiliated network is the most distributed trusted network on the Internet and demands the most advanced commercial security solutions," said Carlos Moreira, CEO and founder of WISeKey. "The combination of our products and services positions our partnership to provide the highest level of security assurance offered globally."

"Under our new partnership, SPYRUS and WISeKey will offer the first highly advanced Suite B cryptographic products and services to deliver state-of-the-art security functionality that will protect valuable content for decades," said Sue Pontius, President and CEO of SPYRUS.

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