AVM Unlocks New Features for Existing FRITZ!Box Customers

Current and new firmware updates allow advanced functions like remote access, child protection, and improved DSL performance

Berlin, Germany. AVM, a leading Internet access hardware manufacturer in Europe, announced today the release of new features for most of its 10 million FRITZ!Box customers in Europe. Regular firmware updates have proven to be very valuable in improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using innovative new firmware updates, AVM ensures comprehensive and sustainable product support and extended product utility throughout the entire product life cycle; this extends beyond the five-year warranty. AVM supports its new and existing customers with dynamic updated features and improvements, all for free. Depending on the FRITZ!Box model, the current and new functions include many customisations such as individual usage control (child-protection), remote access to the FRITZ!Box configuration (7140 & 7170), and improved DSL-performance. All of this and more are made available by regular firmware updates published by AVM.

"AVM has its entire research and development as well as its production in Europe, so we are closer to our customers and we can react to any market changes swiftly. This gives AVM a clear competitive advantage and customers benefit from an unparalleled customer service." says Kai Allais, Director Sales International at AVM.

New Firmware is available for the following products:

  • FRITZ!Box Fon
  • FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN
  • FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170
  • FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7140

Some Firmware features at a glance:

Remote Access configuration via HTTPS (Friends helping Friends)

For most user, the FRITZ!Box quickly becomes the core of their network and communications. Although all basic features are easy to use, the FRITZ!Box also has some advanced features that require a little background knowledge and know-how. In these cases, the FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7140 and 7170 can be accessed remotely with a secure login to receive help or to access your own network to change features (e.g. call forwarding) while away.

Restriction and protection - More control on Internet usage (Child protection)

Another feature is controlling the usage of individual Internet users, e.g. children. This child protection feature enables parents to define surfing times and duration for each user of the network. The restrictions can be set for each day individually, so that the duration for weekdays can differ from that of the weekend.

Eco- friendly and energy efficiency

Reduction of wireless signal radiation when not needed is one step, energy efficiency the other step towards smarter hardware. The FRITZ!Box now provides comprehensive information of current energy consumption levels and enables users to adjust them easily. The internal processor and the LAN-interfaces also self-regulate their power consumption automatically and adjusts to save power whenever possible.

Enhanced DSL Performance

The new firmware supports seamless rate adoption and optimizes the compatibility for different Internet service providers and other network providers. Furthermore, the firmware improves DSL performance and uses advanced bandwidth-management, diagnostic, and reporting tools.

Note to the editor:

AVM publishes new major Firmware-updates for its product portfolio on a continuing basis, free of charge for the entire five-year warranty period and beyond. Customers benefit from latest features and functionality long after having purchased a FRITZ!Box product.

About AVM

AVM develops and manufactures products for your broadband connection. The Berlin-based communication specialist has received numerous awards for its innovative FRITZ! family. FRITZ! enables fast, user-friendly ADSL access, easy networking, inexpensive Internet telephony and versatile multimedia applications. Founded in 1986 in Berlin, AVM is one of the top two providers of ADSL devices in Europe. With over 50 percent of the market share, it is the leading manufacturer in Germany, Europe's largest market. AVM has 460 employees and generated a turnover of € 280 million in fiscal 2007.