New organisation 'Emmentaler Switzerland Tradition'

Langnau. Switzerland (ots) - The World Champion cheese makers from Switzerland, Christian Wüthrich from Rüderswil, Anton Wyss from Mutten and Walo von Mühlenen have decided along with the dairies, Leimiswil, Schärlig, Stettenbach Wohlen and Schüpbach, to create a new organisation for Emmental produced in the traditional way, with only one production per day, and produced with the milk from the same village. The new Organisation "Emmentaler Switzerland tradition" preserves not only a Swiss tradition, but it also ensures that the traditionally made Emmental from Switzerland will remain outstanding.

Much of the Emmental produced in Switzerland today is not made in the traditional way, and is produced in large dairies with several productions per day, with the milk travelling large distances from all over Switzerland; in this case, the broad production itself is comparable to other Emmental produced all over the World, resulting in Swiss Emmental constantly losing market share.

We are fortunate in that our milk comes from cows grazing on the richest Swiss pastures, notorious for the region producing the highest quality Emmental cheese. "Emmentaler Switzerland tradition" wants to highlight the true added value for the consumer, and continue to produce Emmental in the traditional way as 4 generations of von Mühlenen's have done in the past, ensuring that the traditional production methods are preserved for many more generations to come.

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