Gold Fever in the Emmental Valley

"Emmentaler Tradition" celebrates the best Emmental cheesemaker

Düdingen (ots) - This year, the best Emmental cheesemaker was elected for the very first time. The title of Best Cheesemaker 2009 went to "Emmentaler Tradition", produced by cheesemaker Urs Fankhauser from the Ilfis dairy near Langnau. On 12th of June 2010, a big celebration was held to honour this major achievement, with raclette, Chäsbrägu and, of course, the best Emmental cheese itself.

The award for the best Swiss Emmental Cheese was presented by the Emmental Cheese trade organisation. Urs Fankhauser and his team achieved 19.875 points out of a maximum of 20. For an Emmental cheese to be granted its AOC, it must achieve at least 18 points in the quality control. Taste, holes, mass consistency and external appearance are assessed on a monthly basis to this end.

The Emmentaler Tradition association was founded in 2009 with the aim of producing a genuine Emmental cheese from the Emmental region that satisfied superior quality requirements. Today, nine cooperatives are members of the association, and it is not by chance that a cheesemaker from this association has been chosen as the best cheesemaker: apart from Urs Fankhauser, there are also two cheese world champions who are founder members. Emmentaler Tradition cheese is produced exclusively in the Emmental region and is required to achieve an average rating of 19.1 points.

Emmentaler Tradition is ripened and exported throughout the world by cheese ripener Walo von Mühlenen of Düdingen.

Emmentaler Tradition is marketed primarily abroad. It can also be bought in any dairy, however. Cheese lovers should make sure that they call in on the Ilfis dairy in Langnau.

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