International export record for Paulaner

This traditional Bavarian brewery set a new export record in 2011: With growth rates of almost 40 percent, Asia and the Pacific Region are developing to become one of the most important export markets.

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Munich, March 2012. Paulaner wheat beer is worldwide still the most popular beer of its kind. The strong European sales market continues to drive growth. In Poland, sales increased by almost 29 percent; Spain saw more than 10 percent growth while 7 percent was recorded in Italy.

"We are very satisfied with our export results. The strong growth in Asia and the Pacific Region, with 40 percent growth there exceeding even the most optimistic forecasts. This puts us 20 percent ahead of our goals", explains Marcus Korte, Head of International Sales at the Paulaner Brewery.

Marco Santomauro, Sales Director for China: "China is a beer-drinking country. Traditionally, a lot of lager is drunk here which means that wheat beer is not only something new - it's also a welcome change. We envisage a great deal of potential in China."

Paulaner Bräuhäuser offering guests freshly-brewed wheat beer in a traditional Bavarian atmosphere are particularly popular in Asia: 15 of the 17 brewery pubs are already on the continent.

The goals for future development of Paulaner export business are high: "We want to continue to position Paulaner as an innovative leader on the market. And we are investing heavily this year in non-alcoholic wheat beer in particular. Because of the good taste and the high degree of consumer acceptance, we are also very optimistic as regards this segment", claims Marcus Korte. "If this year continues to proceed as well as it started, our corporation will achieve the magic threshold of 1 million hectolitres in exports in 2012. That would be a real sensation."