Christopher Millard is a Professor of Privacy and Information Law in the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), and is Senior Counsel to the law firm Bristows. His first book, Legal Protection of Computer Programs and Data (1985), was one of the earliest international comparative law works in the field and he has since published widely on technology, communications, privacy, e-commerce, and Internet law. Christopher leads the QMUL Cloud Legal Project and is Joint Director of the Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre. He is currently working on contractual and regulatory issues in cloud computing, the internet of things, machine learning, and robotics. He is co-author and editor of Cloud Computing Law (Oxford University Press, 2013) and is a founding editor of both the International Journal of Law and IT and of International Data Privacy Law. He is a Fellow and former Chair of the Society for Computers and Law, a past-President of the International Federation of Computer Law Associations, and a former Chair of the Technology Law Committee of the International Bar Association.


"Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Robot Law",

Cloud computing is facilitating rapid growth in the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Robotics. As development of these fields accelerates, cyber-physical boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred and complex issues are emerging relating to control, transparency, and responsibility. This lecture will explore some of the key legal and regulatory aspects, including contracts, liability, and data protection issues.


of a legal robot for Microsoft's Corporate


Jack Pineda Dale is an attorney from El Salvador, based in Helsinki, Finland. He is the Legal Director for, among other sub regions, Adriatics and Balkans responsible for 10 countries. Amongst some of his responsibilities are negotiations regarding artificial intelligence, machine learning and Cloud. Moreover he's leading a worldwide project to create a legal robot for Microsoft's Corporate, External and Legal Affairs Department.

23rd November 2017 at 5 pm

(Grey lecture room at the Faculty of Law, Poljanski nasip 2, 1000 Ljubljana)