Fraport AG Holds First Regular Annual General Meeting on June 26

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - Fraport AG will host its first regular Annual General Meeting (AGM) tomorrow at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt-Hoechst. Over 450 employees of Fraport AG will be welcoming the company's shareholders and guests at this major event. The AGM begins at 10:00 in the morning; with admittance from 8:00.

Roland Koch, prime minister of the state of Hesse and chairman of Fraport AG's Supervisory Board, will be heading the AGM. At 10:00, he will welcome shareholders, guests and journalists in the Jahrhunderthalle. Fraport's executive board chairman, Dr. Wilhelm Bender, will present Fraport's fiscal year 2001 results as well as an overview of the airport company's development during the current year. This will be followed by an open debate of the items on the AGM agenda. The speeches of Roland Koch and Dr. Wilhelm Bender will be broadcast (in German) on the Internet at: http://streaming.fraport.com.

On Wednesday June 26, shareholders can travel to the AGM via public transit; their shareholders' invitation also serves as a valid ticket for the Rhine-Main Regional Transit Authority (RMV). Shuttle buses will be running between the nearby Hoechst train station (northern side) and the Jahrhunderthalle all day on Wednesday. AGM participants have to go through an intensive security check - just like at the airport - when entering the Jahrhunderthalle.

Fraport AG - the owner and operator of Germany's biggest airport (FRA) - is the country's first airport management company to become listed on the stock exchange. In 2001, Fraport achieved revenues of almost Euro 1.6 billion and a consolidated profit of Euro 101.1 million. The company's Executive Board and Supervisory Board will recommend a dividend of Euro 0.40 per share to the shareholders.

Before Fraport AG's initial public offering (IPO) on June 11, 2001, the company was wholly owned by government shareholders (City of Frankfurt, State of Hesse and Federal Republic of Germany). After the IPO, private and institutional investors in Germany and other countries (including 56 percent of Fraport's staff who participated in the employee share program before the IPO) joined the three government shareholders. Ownership of Fraport AG's shares is now divided as follows: the State of Hesse holds 32.1 percent, the City of Frankfurt 20.5 percent, the Federal Republic of Germany 18.4 percent and private/institutional investors 29.0 percent.

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