All ISDN Services over Bluetooth / ISDN over Bluetooth standardized - Wireless data and speech / Bluetooth SIG adopts new standard for ISDN

Berlin (ots) - The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), an association of over 2000 technology companies, has just resolved a standard for the use of ISDN over Bluetooth. Thanks to the new Bluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile, known as CIP, Bluetooth devices such as PCs, PDAs and GSM telephones gain, for the first time, unlimited access to ISDN data and telephone communications services. When using CIP all ISDN B- and D-channel capabilities and functions are available. The new standard defines the communication between the so-called ISDN Clients and the ISDN Access Points using the international norms ETSI 300 838 and GSM 07.08. Wireless ISDN communication over Bluetooth is possible with the full ISDN data transfer rate and a coverage of 100 meters and more.

PC, PDA and GSM-Telephone over Bluetooth Now ISDN Capable

It has taken around 14 months for the expert team, appointed by the Bluetooth SIG for preparing the Common ISDN Profile, to establish a globally applicable standard for combining the extensive services of ISDN together with Bluetooth technology. Matthias Frey, team chairman and employee at AVM, the world largest manufacturer of ISDN PC controllers, is excited about the results. "We now have an independent industry standard which will enable a variety of new ISDN and Bluetooth devices. In an extremely short time span the team managed to combine the challenging ISDN technology with Bluetooth. This represents a complete success." The CIP version 0.95 technical specifications are presently available at www.bluetooth.org/specifications.htm.The Bluetooth SIG issues first of all the version number 0.95 to all officially adopted and published Profiles.

AVM and BlueFRITZ!- Head Start with New Standard

AVM BlueFRITZ! products support CIP as a central Profile, the BlueFRITZ! products update policy guarantees the implementation of the newest standards. In the same manner all other important protocols will be made available. BlueFRITZ! offers, form the user point of view, the same functionality as the FRITZ!Card PCI, with the increased comfort of a wireless connection.

About AVM

AVM is the world's leading manufacturer of PC ISDN-Controllers and ISDN application software. The company's focus is on connecting the PC to the digital communication technologies ISDN, DSL and GSM. About one half of all the ISDN-Controllers sold in Europe are made by AVM. AVM's FRITZ!Card family of products is extremely popular. Founded in 1986 in Berlin, AVM earned sales of Euro170 million in 2001 with some 480 employees.