First ISDN-over-Bluetooth Solution

BlueFRITZ! Starter Pack Now on Sale: AVM Offers More Flexibility with Wireless ISDN

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Berlin (ots) - AVM's BlueFRITZ!, now on sale, provides the first wireless access to ISDN and the Internet. The Berlin-based company's new product provides more flexibility in communications, doing away with bothersome cabling. The thumb-sized BlueFRITZ! USB, just 12 grams light, simply plugs into the USB port of any PC or notebook. The wireless Access-Point BlueFRITZ! AP-X provides the connection to the ISDN line. Both components are available from dealers as a Starter Pack, at the recommended retail price of euros 244,82 plus local VAT.

More Flexible Access to ISDN and the Internet with BlueFRITZ!

BlueFRITZ! provides the freedom of communication in the house: the PC's location is no longer dependent on where the phone line is installed. ISDN is now available wirelessly throughout the home, and even out on the terrace. All the customary ISDN applications, such as Internet access, file transfer, PC faxing and video telephony can now be used conveniently, regardless of where the phone socket is located. BlueFRITZ! provides simple, versatile access to the ISDN line for up to seven PCs. Moreover, the Access Point BlueFRITZ! AP-X also connects two analog devices, such as a telephone and a fax machine, to the ISDN line. The Access Point, which is a small, full-featured PBX, can also be directly wired to a PC via USB.

The Perfect Team: BlueFRITZ! AP-X and BlueFRITZ! USB

The Starter Pack has already been introduced successfully into the German market and is also being sold as an OEM product by Deutsche Telekom. Now the Access Point BlueFRITZ! AP-X for the ISDN line, and BlueFRITZ! USB for the PC's USB port are being sold internationally as a Starter Pack at the recommended retail price of euros 244,82 plus local VAT. The recommended retail price for an additional BlueFRITZ! USB client is euros 106,89 plus local VAT.

Elegant Versatility: BlueFRITZ! USB

BlueFRITZ! USB is just 12 grams light, and unbeatably compact, measuring 5.4 x 2.2 x 1.1 cm. Simply plug it into the PC to establish a secure connection to the ISDN access point. The standardized radio link transmits user data - with full protection against eavesdropping - up to 100 meters. All ISDN services are transparently available with the Bluetooth client. As always with AVM products, new features and functions will be offered free of charge over the web (www.avm.de). Features like Bluetooth ad-hoc-networking, connection to mobile phones for Internet, wireless printer connection and more will be available soon. Supported operating systems are Windows XP, 2000, Me and 98.

About AVM

AVM is the world's leading manufacturer of PC ISDN-Controllers and ISDN application software. The company's focus is on connecting the PC to the digital communication technologies ISDN, ADSL and GSM. About one half of all the ISDN-Controllers sold in Europe are made by AVM. In addition to professional applications and the innovative LAN-based ISDN solution KEN!, AVM's FRITZ!Card family of products is extremely popular. Combining an ISDN-Controller with a full software package, FRITZ!Card is an all-in-one solution for PC data communications, and is the world's best-selling ISDN adapter. BlueFRITZ! provides wireless ISDN and Internet access, and FRITZ!Card DSL combines fast ADSL Internet access with the convenient features of ISDN in a single card. Founded in 1986 in Berlin, AVM earned sales of euros 170 million in 2001 with some 480 employees. AVM in the World Wide Web: www.avm.de

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