China is booming in the new markets

China is booming in the new markets: biotechnology, environmental technology, water and wastewater, regenerative energy, genetic engineering and stem cells

o Chinese government supports technology and companies with over USD 150 billion until 2010

o Helmut Kaiser Consultancy (www.hkc22.com) provides business summary

o Companies become partners of the Chinese government

28 August 2002 - The government is supporting the new growth markets in China with over USD 150 billion. Markets are booming with high growth rates, newly launched companies and joint ventures from Europe and the US. China is aiming to become the market leader in various sectors in Asia, including biotechnology, stem cells and genetics, and take third place worldwide. In a few years, the home market will be one of the world�'s largest in the environmental, regenerative-energy and water sectors. China is developing towards world standards and no one of any standing can afford not to be represented there.

Biotechnology is growing by over 20% and 200 companies are listed on the stock exchange. The environment and water sectors are developing by over 15% and 50 companies are listed on the stock exchange. In addition, 200 companies are on the waiting list. The regenerative-energy sector is growing by 17.5%, with 120 companies. The markets overall account for over USD 40 billion for 2002 and will run to over USD 75 billion in 2006. The whole life science sector will be supported with more than USD 50 billion and environmental industry with more than USD 100 billion. Like no other country at present, China is on the move - with ‘China first�', the newly elected government will be introducing further measures to promote industry and the stock market during the autumn. Such measures will achieve technological advances and not simply employ former methods from the ‘old�' world.

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