August 2002 - FRA Traffic Figures: Frankfurt Airport Records Strong Growth in Cargo and 4.7 Million Passengers

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - The traffic figures for August indicate one of the best monthly results at Frankfurt Airport this year to date. Frankfurt Airport served about 4.7 million passengers in August, only 2.7 percent below the corresponding month last year. For the third quarter, Fraport AG is expecting the first positive figures. Inexpensive package-tour destinations - such as in Turkey, Egypt or Bulgaria - are currently showing significant growth.

Intercontinental traffic is growing again, particularly because of the increase in flights to North America and the Middle East. Frankfurt Airport's hub function and position as a major transfer airport was further strengthened by the reduction in flight services at other German airports. Well over 50 percent of all passengers landing in August only came to FRA to transfer - to change comfortably and quickly from one aircraft to another for their onward journey.

Frankfurt Airport recorded very satisfying development in cargo traffic. About 123,600 metric tons of airfreight were handled at Germany's largest airport, a robust 5.7 percent increase. This renewed positive result is an indicator of the expected recovery in the world economy and, thus, also the first sign of the hoped for upswing in Germany. Cargo traffic to the Far East (14.6 percent growth) and North America (16.3 percent growth) experienced double-digit growth rates compared to August 2001.

Aircraft movements also grew for the first time this year. In total, Fraport AG registered 40,700 takeoffs and landings at Frankfurt Airport, 0.5 percent more than the corresponding month last year. The airlines are still deploying smaller aircraft, but some routes are already being served by larger aircraft again due to good utiliization. Thus, Frankfurt Airport's MTOWs (Maximum Takeoff Weights) for the reporting month reached about 2.3 million metric tons, only 1.8 percent below August 2001.

Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for August 2002

August 2002 Change (2) Jan.-Aug. Change (2)

Aug. 02/ 2002 Jan.-Aug.

Aug. 01 02/01

Passengers 4.7 -2.7% 32.2 -4.3%

in millions

Airfreight 123.6 5.7% 974.7 -0.9%

in thousands of

metric tons

Airmail 11.4 -0.4% 91.6 -0.2%

in thousands of

metric tons

Aircraft 40.7 0.5% 304.2 -1.1%

Movements (1)

in thousands

MTOWs 2,251.2 -1.8% 16,452.8 -4.9%

in thousands of

metric tons

Punctuality 78.9 80.3

share of punctual arrivals

and departures in percent

(1) Excluding military flights

(2) Rate of change based on unrounded numbers