Fraport AG Leads the Way in Corporate Governance

Company Develops Its Own Corporate Governance Code - Improving Transparency of Responsible Corporate Management

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - Recently, Fraport AG's Supervisory Board unanimously adopted a corporate governance code, pledging both the Supervisory Board and the company management to greater transparency. Implementation of further measures will be discussed during the next Supervisory Board meeting on December 18. Fraport's Corporate Governance Code is now available on the company's Web site at: www.fraport.com (see "Investor Relations" section).

"Having pursued a policy of open and comprehensive reporting in the past, Fraport - one of the biggest airport operators in the world - is thus promoting and further developing its long-standing tradition of good corporate governance," said Dr. Wilhelm Bender, Fraport AG's executive board chairman. Fraport AG is committed to the standards set down in the German Corporate Governance Code created by a federal government commission. All recommendations (required standards) have been adopted into the Fraport Code or, where necessary, will be presented to the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting next year for approval. Furthermore, Fraport followed many of the additional suggestions (optional standards) made in the German Corporate Governance Code.

As a result, Fraport guarantees its shareholders an improved flow of information on corporate activities, thus promoting shareholder confidence in the management and supervision of the company.