November 2002 - FRA Traffic Figures: Fraport AG Reports Positive Growth for All Traffic Segments in November 2002

Upward Trend Stabilized - Previous Year's Figures Almost Reached

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - Frankfurt Airport's (FRA) November 2002 traffic figures indicate clear growth in all segments. Passenger figures increased by 6.7 percent over November 2001 to about 3.6 million. Thus, Germany's largest airport served a total of 45 million passengers for the first eleven months (January through November) of 2002 -- only 0.8 percent below the same period in 2001. Following the results of 9/11, this figure even exceeds previously optimistic expectations. At the beginning of the year, Fraport AG (the owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport) was expecting about a three-percent decline in passenger traffic for the 2002 business year. The airport operator is now expecting passenger traffic at year end to be only slightly below the 2001 figure.

FRA's cargo volume also regained strong growth in November 2002. About 142,500 metric tons of airfreight were handled at FRA in November 2002, a seven percent increase. In particular, expansion of services to the Far East led to a 17.2 percent jump in air cargo tonnage to and from this region. Airfreight transported over the Atlantic also climbed strongly again. Tonnage grew by 12.1 percent on North American routes, by 16.0 percent on Latin American routes, and by 18.3 percent on South American routes.

In November 2002, aircraft movements (take-offs and landings) registered the highest growth rate this year to date. In total, Fraport AG recorded 37,700 aircraft movements at FRA, 3.5 percent more than in November 2001. The difference between aircraft movements and the corresponding Maximum Take-off Weights (MTOWs) has also improved gradually since November 2002. With about two million metric tons, the MTOWs increased by 2.6 percent over the same period in 2001. Whether the airlines deploy larger-capacity aircraft again, depends on market demand in the coming months.

(Traffic Table)

Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for November 2002

November 2002 Change 2 Jan. - Nov. 2002 Change 2

Nov. 02/ Jan. - Nov.

Nov. 01 02/01

Passengers 3.6 6.7 % 45.0 -0.8 %

in millions


in thousands

of metric

tons 142.5 7.0 % 1,388.6 1.3 %


in thousands

of metric

tons 12.9 0.4 % 127.3 -0.1 %



Movements 1


thousands 37.7 3.5 % 422.4 -0.1 %


in thousands

of metric

tons 2,041.7 2.6 % 22,928.3 -3.2 %


share of



and departures

in percent 80.7 78.6

1 Excluding military flights

2 Rate of change based on unrounded numbers