FRA Summer Timetable 2003: More Connections Than Last Summer

Frankfurt Main, Germany (ots) - Frankfurt Airport's Summer Timetable 2003, which goes into effect on March 30, will feature 4,576 flight connections per week, 200 more than last year. In scheduled passenger services, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) will offer a choice of 108 airlines flying to 304 destinations in 104 countries. This compares with 107 airlines flying to 296 destinations in 99 countries last summer. New destinations in the Summer Timetable 2003 include Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Ulan Bator in Mongolia, which will be linked to FRA by Mongolian Airlines for the first time. Lufthansa will be introducing a new service to Portland, Oregon, on the Pacific coast of the United States.

From March 30, some 4,290 nonstop flights (4,106 in 2002) will be offered per week, including 802 domestic flights (798 in 2002), 2,681 European flights (2,574 in 2002), and 807 intercontinental flights (734 in 2002). The total seat capacity will increase almost five percent over last summer to 693,153 seats per week.

FRA routes having the most connections are located in Europe: Paris with 131 and London-Heathrow with 123 flights per week. In Germany, the leading routes will be Berlin-Tegel with 110 connections, followed by Munich with 99 and Hamburg with 87 connections per week in the timetable. In Eastern Europe, Russia will again lead with 101 frequencies. In intercontinental services, the North Atlantic routes to Canada and the U.S. will lead with 395 connections per week.

In scheduled cargo services, Frankfurt Airport's Summer Timetable 2003 will also feature an increased number of flights. A total of 233 connections per week will be offered (222 in 2002), including 128 nonstop flights (117 in 2002). This summer's cargo timetable will include 18 European and 109 intercontinental flights. This compares with 18 European and 98 intercontinental weekly connections last summer.