New FRITZ!Card DSL Sets the Standards for ADSL Websurfing

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http://www.naeurope.co.uk/en/galerie.htx?type=ops Now Available: AVM's FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog New FRITZ!Card DSL Sets the Standards for ADSL Websurfing ADSL Has Never Been This Easy-Or This Safe

The new FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog is the latest ADSL terminal device by Berlin communications specialist AVM. The USB device is as compact as a mobile phone, and connects the PC directly to the ADSL line. A comprehensive product package for out-of-the-box security, optimum ADSL speed and LAN capability sets the FRITZ!Card DSL products apart from conventional ADSL modems. The new ADSL terminal device is the first to allow users to choose what status information is indicated by an LED. FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog is now available at a recommended retail price of EUR77 (plus applicable VAT).

FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog: Different from Conventional USB Modems The raspberry-red USB device is no bigger than a cellphone, and connects the PC directly to the ADSL line. No external power supply is necessary. FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog is the first ADSL device equipped with a customizable status LED. Users can set the LED to show for example whether Fast Path mode is activated on the ADSL line. FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog supports this mode and thus permits extremely fast ping response times. Three more LEDs provide additional status information. In addition to the USB and ADSL connection displays provided by conventional ADSL modems, the new AVM product also indicates whether the metered PPP connection to the Internet is active.

Traffic Shaping for Faster Surfing FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog delivers high value with its extensive software package. The AVM product is one of the few ADSL modems to provide a firewall that controls all incoming and outgoing data. Packet filters are incorporated to guard against malicious attacks from the Internet, ensuring a carefree surfing experience. Counters for on-line time and traffic volume provide exact monitoring of connection costs. When the new FRITZ!Card DSL is connected to a networked PC, every computer in the LAN can use the fast Internet connection. Furthermore, the new USB device incorporates a traffic shaping function to ensure full ADSL speed under all Internet use conditions. When a conventional ADSL modem without traffic shaping is used, outgoing data such as e-mail or eDonkey file sharing slows concurrent downloads tangibly. And for day-to- day ADSL use, AVM provides two practical, user-friendly programs for Internet access and for comprehensive ADSL diagnostics.

Available Now

The new FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog is ready for use on any common USB 1.1 or 2.0 port. The standard 6-meter cable provides ample freedom of movement for PCs or notebooks. The product is backed by a five-year warranty. FRITZ!Card DSL USB analog supports PCs with a Pentium III or later processor and the operating systems Windows XP, Me, 2000 and 98 (SE), and Linux. The new product is available from dealers now at a recommended retail price of EUR77 (plus applicable VAT).

About AVM

Products developed by AVM permit fast Internet access and convenient use of the PC as an all-round communications center. The Berlin communications specialist implements Bluetooth technology for wireless use of ISDN and ADSL. In addition to its applications for the professional sector, AVM's FRITZ!Card family of products is extremely popular. Whether ISDN, ADSL or Bluetooth, all FRITZ! products are complete hardware and software solutions, developed by AVM. KEN! 3, another popular AVM product, provides every workstation in the LAN with secure, powerful access to web and e-mail services. Founded in 1986 AVM is the world's leading manufacturer of PC ISDN-Controllers and ISDN application software. About half of all the ISDN-Controllers sold in Europe are made by AVM. In Germany, Europe's largest national ISDN market, the company's market share is over 80 percent. In 2003 AVM earned sales of EUR150 million with some 460 employees.