Frankfurt Airport Expansion Program: Fraport AG: "Clarity Provides More Planning and Investment Security"

Frankfurt am Main, Germany (ots) - The schedule announced by the Hesse government regarding the duration of the state approval procedure for Frankfurt Airport's (FRA) expansion program provides, in the opinion of Fraport AG, "clarity in the progress of Hesse's largest investment project during the coming years." A company spokesperson explained on Tuesday that inauguration of the new runway can be expected within about two years after the zoning procedure (Planfestellungsverfahren) on FRA's expansion ends. The time allowance set by the approval authorities increases planning and investment security. In the meantime, the airport's existing capacities can handle the expected growth in air traffic.

The Fraport spokesperson explained that the company would continue working with all of its energy to achieve the realization of Frankfurt Airport's expansion. Thoroughness, exactness, and efforts to meet all legal requirements do not exclude a quick initiation and completion of the project.

In conclusion, the spokesperson emphasized - just before Fraport AG's Annual General Meeting for Shareholders on June 2 - complete optimism in the future. The air transport industry is on a growth path again - which is clearly benefiting Germany's central hub at Frankfurt and thus increasing its international competitiveness vis-a-vis other mega hubs. The growth trend will further accelerate, independent of the schedule for the Airport Expansion Program (AEP). More important than any possible time delay for the AEP, which has not been excluded in the past, is the clear political commitment to airport expansion and its necessity for Germany's economic prosperity.