Fraport AGM 2004: Fraport Annual General Meeting Concluded

Frankfurt, Germany - FRA/rap-th> More than 1,400

shareholders and shareholder representatives attended the third Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide. Held at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt-Hoechst, Germany, the AGM official ended at about 17:30 today.

At the AGM, the actions of Fraport's executive board and of Fraport's supervisory board were both ratified with 99.98 percent of the votes.

The AGM was chaired by Karlheinz Weimar, the Hesse minister of finance and Fraport's supervisory board chairman. Dr. Wilhelm Bender, Fraport's executive board chairman, presented the fiscal 2003 results and an outlook for the airport company's business in the current year.

Attendance at this third AGM represented a total presence of about 77.7 percent of the registered capital stock.