ICTS Europe's RASCargO[TM] Security Screening Product Receives Government Approval in France

Amsterdam (ots) -

Canine Olfaction: Man's Best Friend Provides Reliable Explosives Detection for the Cargo Industry

ICTS Europe Holdings B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, has received approval from the French government's civil aviation authority to begin a one-year commercial trial of its RASCargO[TM] explosives-detection screening product for the cargo industry. As a result, DIAG-NOSE, ICTS Europe's French subsidiary, will now be able to launch a commercial air cargo screening service at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). DIAG-NOSE is also planning to deploy RASCargO[TM] at other continental European airports in late 2004 and early 2005. Based on Remote Air Sampling for Canine Olfaction (RASCO), the RASCargO[TM] product involves a two-stage process. The first stage requires security staff to take air samples from large cargo containers (eg., pallets, crates, containers). In the second stage, specially trained dogs analyze or sniff the air samples for the presence of any explosives.

Advantages of RASCargO[TM] include high detection rates, fluidity of operations, ability to clear dense and oversize items, and large capacity throughput of more than 1,000 metric tons per hour. "RASCargO's[TM] distinct advantages are expected to revolutionize operations and present high value for users," says Oren Sapir, managing director of DIAG-NOSE and business development manager of ICTS Europe. Furthermore, this will position RASCargO[TM] as one of the most efficient methods for security checking and clearing both air and sea freight.

"We have invested three years in the development of RASCargO[TM] and are pleased to see that our system provides real solutions for the security concerns of the cargo industry," says Zamir Eldar, chief executive officer of ICTS Europe.

Recently demonstrated to ECAC's (European Civil Aviation Conference) Technical Task Force, the RASCargO[TM] system has already drawn substantial interest from airlines, handling agents, freight forwarders, and major shippers. "The market reaction to our product is very encouraging and proves that RASCargO[TM] satisfies a vital need in the industry," says Eldar. "Today cargo needs to be screened quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and without size or content limitations -- exactly the features of RASCargO[TM]."

ICTS Europe's DIAG-NOSE subsidiary specializes in the application of explosives detection, based on air sampling methods, and in the development of canine-based solutions for scent detection. DIAG-NOSE's services include training, detection (such as RASCargO[TM]), mine detection, selling trained dogs, and consulting services related to all aspects of explosive detection using canine units. Based in an approved facility outside Paris, DIAG-NOSE is equipped with the necessary resources and expertise to carry out explosives detection research and development.

Operating through 18 independent subsidiaries in 14 European countries, ICTS Europe Holdings B.V. is a major supplier of aviation security services to about 50 airports throughout Europe. Its customer base comprises more than 100 airlines, airports, cargo companies, and government agencies. The company now has about 9,000 employees. ICTS Europe's main business is aviation security, but the company is increasingly providing maritime security consulting and services. Products include passengers and baggage screening, patrolling, guarding and access-control services.

With 20 years of experience, ICTS Europe is unique in its unrivalled depth of operational know-how, management expertise as well as its innovative product and solutions developments. This is reflected in the introduction and widespread use of many ICTS Europe systems and services, such as: RASCargO[TM], FlyingPass, passenger profiling, travel document verification, cargo security, integrated services, auditing, consultancy and training.

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