ICTS Europe Buys Majority Stake in MUSC

Fraport's Security Subsidiary Continues Expansion into Maritime Security Market

FRA/rap> ICTS Europe Holdings B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, recently acquired a majority stake in Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC), a leading provider of international ship, port and supply-chain security consultancy services. ICTS Europe, which is Europe's largest provider of aviation security services, launched its expansion into the maritime security market last summer.

MUSC is one of the longest-established specialists in maritime and cargo security in the world. Based in London, MUSC has offices in Houston, Lagos, Piraeus Singapore and Tallinn. The company also has recognized security organization (RSO) status in some 17 countries. Indeed, during its 30-year history MUSC has operated in most parts of the world.

Since the mid-1970's MUSC has served as the accredited consultant to Lloyd's of London (Underwriters) for the marine and energy markets, covering a wide range of maritime risks. MUSC cooperates with Lloyd's Register Fairplay and Jane's Information Group for the provision of the Sea-Sentinel, a web-based service for security and operational information at more than 8,000 ports and terminals around the world.

Sea-Sentinel won the prestigious DPA Award for best new launch of 2004. In John Burnett's book Dangerous Waters, the company was described as "one of the busiest anti-terrorist, anti-piracy companies in the world."

Zamir Eldar, ICTS Europe's chief executive officer, said: "Together, ICTS Europe and MUSC will be able to provide clients with a complete maritime security service, from the initial assessment and planning and design, through to equipment provision and leasing, systems integration and on-site implementation and training. With MUSC's expertise in port and ship security, and ICTS's unrivalled security operational know-how, we are ideal partners with complementary services. Thus, customers benefit from cost effective, innovative and complete security solutions."

Chris Austen, MUSC's chief executive officer, said: "We are delighted that this new relationship with ICTS Europe will enable us to offer turnkey solutions with lease or finance options, as well as security services tailored to individual operations. This integrated approach will allow us competitively to provide our clients with the full range of services."

Ashley Reeve, ICTS Europe's recently appointed new manager of maritime security, said: "The new relationship is the first stage in our maritime expansion program and represents an important step in realizing our ambitions in this dynamic market." The maritime environment often requires a variety of solutions; thus, ICTS Europe's transport security expertise is important. For example, ICTS Europe's RASCargO(tm) system - which provides fast, efficient and cost-effective screening for air cargo - is also ideally suited to the maritime world, providing the only efficient and inexpensive method for screening containers, ships stores, and other large items.

Operating through 18 independent subsidiaries in 14 European countries, ICTS Europe Holdings B.V. is a major supplier of aviation security services to about 50 airports throughout the region. Its customer base comprises more than 100 airlines, airports, cargo companies, and government agencies. The company now has about 10,000 employees. ICTS Europe's main business is aviation security, but the company is increasingly providing maritime security services such as people and baggage screening, patrolling, guarding and access-control systems for the cruise-ship industry.

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