New AVM FRITZ!Box now available / AVM FRITZ!Box: More Security and More Connectivity Options for ADSL

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- FRITZ!Box is an ADSL modem and an ADSL router

- Combines dual Ethernet ports and USB for universal use

- Connect any personal computer system directly (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

- FRITZ!DSL software package included, with firewall and traffic shaping

- Available now for EUR102.59 euros plus local VAT

The new FRITZ!Box by AVM is now available from dealers. FRITZ!Box brings several advantages over the usual "default ADSL modem", including safer surfing, networking with multiple PCs, and the ability to function as an ADSL router. With two Ethernet ports and a USB interface, the new ADSL device connects three computers directly to the ADSL line. In addition to Windows and Linux, the product is the first of its kind to support computers with the Macintosh operating system as well. Furthermore, FRITZ!Box is AVM's first ADSL product to be shipped with the new FRITZ!DSL software package. The FRITZ!DSL software improves performance while responding to users' demands for increased security with a provider-independent ADSL access module, a firewall and diagnostics tools. AVM products are also the only ADSL devices to accelerate websurfing with built-in traffic shaping capability. The suggested retail price is EUR102.59 plus local VAT.

FRITZ!Box for Versatile Connections With one USB and two Ethernet ports, FRITZ!Box can connect practically any PC to the ADSL line with no additional hardware. In addition to PCs, FRITZ!Box's Ethernet interfaces connect all networking devices, including home LANs, to ADSL. It also puts Ethernet-capable game consoles online, such as Playstation and Xbox. The USB port connects to computers with Windows (XP, 2000, Me, 98), Linux, or Mac OS X (version 10.3.3 or later) operating systems. Furthermore, FRITZ!Box is fully compatible with all major ADSL Internet providers. Simply plug the Box into the ADSL line, connect the PC using the USB or LAN cable, and surf away.

Easy, Intuitive Internet Access FRITZ!Box comes with FRITZ!web DSL, the provider-independent Internet access software. FRITZ!web DSL ensures intuitive and safe surfing enjoyment, with integrated firewall, traffic shaping and budget functions. In addition to the performance and security-optimized access software FRITZ!web, FRITZ!Box also supports Internet access using the Internet provider's access software, such as AOL 9.0, as well as the ADSL access modules integrated in supported operating systems, such as Windows XP's Broadband Connection. Moreover, at a mouse-click you can switch FRITZ!Box to router operation, to connect multiple computers to the web without dedicated access software. And all the connected devices are networked together. The router's built-in DHCP server saves users the trouble of configuring network settings, assigning IP addresses automatically. Naturally FRITZ!Box takes Internet security seriously in router operation too. The LAN is protected right from the start by extensive security mechanisms, including a packet firewall with stateful inspection, IP masquerading/Network Address Translation, and port forwarding. All configuration options can be set through a convenient browser interface.

FRITZ!DSL: Extensive Software Included FRITZ!Box comes with the new FRITZ!DSL software package. FRITZ!DSL controls the connection to the Internet, with integrated firewall and budget functions. Furthermore, the new FRITZ!web Protect module is included to allow FRITZ!Box users to choose which programs on their PC are allowed to use the ADSL connection-just the browser and the mailer, for example-for added security against unauthorized communication. A diagnostics tool is also included to test the complete ADSL connection, from the central office to the application software. Additional modules for Internet telephony, currently in preparation, will soon be available to all FRITZ!Box users as a free download. Unlike competing products, FRITZ!Box also incorporates traffic shaping for faster surfing. With conventional ADSL modems, outgoing data such as e-mail slows concurrent downloads tanglibly. FRITZ!Box does away with this speed penalty through traffic shaping.

FRITZ!Box: Available Now FRITZ!Box is now available from dealers. The package includes ADSL, LAN and USB cables, a printed installation manual and the FRITZ!DSL software. FRITZ!Box can be updated at every level, from the driver to the application software. And as always, free updates and free support are part of AVM's service. FRITZ!Box also comes with AVM's five-year warranty. The suggested retail price is EUR102.59 plus local VAT.

About AVM Products developed by AVM permit fast Internet access and convenient use of the PC as an allround communications center. The Berlin communications specialist implements Bluetooth technology for wireless use of ISDN and ADSL. In addition to its applications for the professional sector, AVM's FRITZ!Card family of products is extremely popular. Whether ISDN, ADSL or Bluetooth, all FRITZ! products are complete hardware and software solutions, developed by AVM. KEN! 3, another popular AVM product, provides every workstation in the LAN with secure, powerful access to web and e-mail services. Founded in 1986 AVM is the world's leading manufacturer of PC ISDN-Controllers and ISDN application software. About half of all the ISDN-Controllers sold in Europe are made by AVM. In 2003 AVM earned sales of EUR150 million with some 460 employees.

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