Hyundai Drives the Athens Olympic Games 2004

l Hyundai is Grand Sponsor of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games

l 4,000 Hyundai vehicles exclusively cover all Olympic transfer needs

l Hyundai Getz named official car for the Olympics

(Rüsselsheim, Germany) - Hyundai is reaching out to millions of sports fans around the world to share the passion that resides in the Olympics, one of the greatest sporting events of mankind. The official opening of the games this evening is the kick off for exciting and joyful weeks during which athletes from all over the world will compete for honor and global fame.

But while the glamorous sport contests will be featured prominently, many "Olympic" performances will remain outside the spotlights. So the complex and time-sensitive transfer service provided by over 4,000 drivers of the official fleet for the Athens 2004 Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (ATHOC), which is sponsored by Hyundai.

With its sponsorship of the Olympic Games Hyundai is set to contribute to the success of yet another great sporting event. Hyundai�'s Grand National Sponsor package includes, besides financial support, 500 automobiles as well as automotive services. In addition, a fleet of 3,500 Hyundai automobiles exclusively covers all transfer and transportation needs of the Games.

Hyundai Motor Company already engaged in Olympic sponsoring back in 1988 as an Official National Partner for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.

"We are proud to be associated with the most exiting and reputable global sports event and we also feel honored that the Hyundai Getz [*] has become the prominent vehicle for the Athens Olympics", says Mr. Kwang-Heum Um, President of Hyundai Motor Europe. "I am especially delighted about the outstanding efforts and commitment the people at our Hyundai operation in Greece have shown as a Grand Sponsor. We wish all athletes very successful games and all spectators a joyful and exciting event."

International sport sponsoring is part of Hyundai�'s overall growth strategy, contributing to growing the awareness for the brand globally. Hyundai has been exclusive automobile sponsor of several major sporting events, since it started its global sponsorship with the UEFA EURO 2000, followed by FIFA World Cup 2002, the UEFA EURO 2004 and the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2006.

Further to sponsoring the Olympic vehicle fleet in Athens, Hyundai�'s sponsoring program also includes various hospitality aspects attracting Greek consumers and international visitors. The program includes mobile entertainment, such as the Hyundai Free Ride guided bus tours along the Olympic route, and live entertainment at the Hyundai Land located in the Water Plaza venue.

(*) Earlier this August, the Hyundai Getz was rated Excellent overall by readers of the British consumer magazine "Which?" and named the most reliable car in the UK.

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