Hyundai strikes again - Record Sales in August

Rüsselsheim, Germany -

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- Year-over-year sales increase of 30.3 percent in August

- Sales forecast stable with accumulated sales of 225,029 units in Europe

Hyundai celebrates a record-breaking month of August in Europe. In a year-on-year comparison, Hyundai sales in Europe rose by 30.3 per cent in August, totaling 20,367 units. Besides Getz going strong (5,680 units, up 25 percent) the most striking increase was documented in the SUV segment with a growth of 52.5 per cent; Santa Fe could significantly improve its sales record, parallel the new Tucson made its show room debut in several European countries.

Overall, for the period of January till August, Hyundai outperformed its sales record from 2003 by 20.9 percent, reaching a total of 225,029 sold vehicles in Europe.

"Olympic Record" Without Gold Medal - Hyundai Olympic vehicle fleet counts 850,000 movements of passengers and material and runs 7 million km in two and a half weeks

Hyundai also proudly looks back on the sponsorship of the 2004 Athens Olympic Summer Games. For two and a half weeks, Hyundai was omnipresent in the Greek capital and the other Olympic sites in Greece. 3,700 vehicles exclusively branded the Olympic lane that ran through the entire city of Athens, connecting all Olympic venues and meeting points. The vehicles were used to transport athletes, members of the organizing committee and VIPs. They also transported the athletes' equipment to various event locations.

When the Olympic Games closed on Sunday, August 29, the Olympic Hyundai vehicle fleet had counted approximately 850,000 movements of passengers and material. In total, the vehicles ran more than 7 million kilometers. Here, the Hyundai maintenance staff in Greece showed true Olympic spirit, when they guaranteed complete mobility of all 3,700 vehicles around the clock.

Despite the immense organizational task to organize the Olympic vehicle fleet, it was extremely satisfying for Hyundai to receive such immense positive feedback on its sponsoring. In addition to the millions that encountered Hyundai's marketing activities in Greece in the past months, more than 250,000 Olympic spectators visited the Hyundai entertainment center in Athens during the games.

In light of such intense interaction with consumers from all over Europe, Werner H. Frey, Vice President Hyundai Motor Europe, commented: "We are proud that so many people experienced us in Athens and now associate us with such an exciting sports event. Hyundai successfully promoted its brand. We are also very proud of the people at Hyundai Hellas who worked hard to present Hyundai in such a fascinating way. Hyundai showed once again that it is vibrant and truly moving people."