AVM BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 - Smaller, Stronger, Cheaper

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BlueFRITZ! USB Now Available in New Version-

Wireless PC Connection to ISDN, ADSL, Cellphones and Printers

- BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0: Easy, secure radio links out of the box

- Still greater receiver and transmitter power

- New robust two-tone shell; heavy-duty construction

- Now allows camera-cellphones to connect directly to the PC

- Available for 42,00 euros plus local VAT-with a five-year warranty

Berlin. BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 is the new-generation Bluetooth dongle now available from the Berlin communications specialist, AVM. BlueFRITZ! USB encrypts all data over its wireless communication links of up to 100 meters. For still better wireless connections, AVM has further increased the receiver sensitivity. The new BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 makes it child's play to connect PCs to ADSL, ISDN and other Bluetooth devices. A pair of BlueFRITZ! USBs can also network two PCs, with a minimum of configuration necessary. Thanks to its compact dimensions and its light weight-just 8 grams-BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 is also ideal for notebooks. The new BlueFRITZ! USB sports a distinctive two-tone shell that is both stylish and robust. The product includes user-friendly software for a great number of applications. BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 is now available for a RRP of EUR 42,00 + local VAT.

New Profiles for Image, Text and Sound Communication

BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 also comes with a new version of the BlueFRITZ! software. In addition to ISDN, ADSL and LAN communication, the new software provides two new applications: The Object Push Profile (OPP) makes it simple to exchange images, text, sounds or other files with Bluetooth-equipped cellphones, PDAs and computers. Furthermore, the File Transfer Profile (FTP) permits access to specific files that are stored on other Bluetooth devices, such as text, spreadsheet or MP3 files. In all, BlueFRITZ! USB now supports 11 profiles, providing a solution for practically every application.

Easy to Use with Built-in Security

BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0's user interface clearly lists all of the devices the Bluetooth environment, with their current connection status. Its Bluetooth location manager lets you set up different Bluetooth environments-one for home and one for the office, for example. The radio links are always secure thanks to 128-bit encryption, activated by default, along with frequency hopping up to 1600 times per second.

Smaller and Yet More Powerful for ISDN and ADSL over Bluetooth BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 is unbeatable for size, measuring just 4 x 2 x 1 cm, with a weight of only 8 grams-about 1/4 ounce. The new generation is thus 25 percent smaller than its predecessor, and four grams lighter. AVM's BlueFRITZ! transmits with the Bluetooth maximum "Class 1" power, which yields a line-of-sight range of at least 100 meters. In comparative tests by a number of computing magazines, AVM has consistently achieved top scores for range and throughput rates. Now the range has been significantly increased once again. The receiver sensitivity has been improved by about 7 dB to -91 dBm, for significantly enhanced range at constant transmitter power. Under demanding conditions, BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 makes the most of the 20 dBm Class 1 transmitter power.

Bluetooth Access Points Are Ideal Communication Partners

AVM's three BlueFRITZ! access points are ideal partners for BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0. BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN is the world's smallest ISDN access point for Bluetooth wireless technology. The AP-ISDN, no bigger than a candy bar and weighing just one and a quarter ounces, simply plugs into the ISDN line. No separate mounting hardware or external power supply is necessary. With no further set-up, it delivers the full convenience of ISDN to wireless Bluetooth devices. AVM BlueFRITZ! AP-X goes further, providing two extension lines for analog terminal equipment. And BlueFRITZ! AP-DSL combines an ADSL modem, an ADSL router and an ISDN card in one access point.

Wireless Convenience with BlueFRITZ! USB

BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 is on sale now. The product includes application software and a manual. And as always, free updates and free support by e-mail and telephone are part of AVM's service.

BlueFRITZ! USB v2.0 also comes with AVM's five-year warranty. The Recommended Retail Price is EUR 42,00 plus local VAT. AVM also offers the new BlueFRITZ! software as a free download for all BlueFRITZ! USB users.

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