Slovenia - a perfect MICE destination

Slovenia is a destination on the rise that keeps amazing at every step of the way. Our country seems like a perfect MICE destination due to its location and hidden gems.

Liberty Adriatic and InterContinental Ljubljana have partnered with the Slovenian Tourist Board to prepare a 5-star FAM trip experience around Slovenia.

Slovenia has been recognized as an ideal MICE destination due to its diversity and for being a green, active and healthy destination full of surprises. Liberty Adriatic and the IHG group have teamed up to prepare a three-day discovery of all Slovenian gems.

The guests from different event agencies from Great Britain were hosted by Amy Vogel from IHG, Mini Warah from Liberty, Milena Vuletić from Hotel InterContinental Ljubljana and Jelena Petković from Liberty Adriatic.

The hosts have presented Slovenia through its impressive culinary offering since there is a saying that true love goes through the stomach. Between the different culinary experiences, the guests had the opportunity to meet with local producers and experience the production process themselves. B-restaurant at InterContinental Ljubljana offered a full overview of the traditional Slovenian cuisine among which was a typical pasta dish with Istrian truffles and the typical cake from the Prekmurje region.

The visit was not only a culinary experience since it also included a visit to the Primorje region where the guests have visited the Stud Farm Lipica that is a great location for incentives, outdoor BBQ and much more and the seaside. The trip ended with the visit of Slovenian gem - Lake Bled.