CeBIT Premiere for FRITZ!Box Fon with an ISDN S0 NT

Berlin, Germany (ots) -

AVM at CeBIT 2005: Hall 13, Stand C48

New Leader of the AVM FRITZ!Box Fon Family

Internet Telephony over ADSL Now with ISDN Phones Too

- New at CeBIT 2005: FRITZ!Box Fon with an ISDN S0 NT

- In one device: PBX for landline and Internet calls, ADSL modem and router

- Extensions for ISDN and analog equipment: ISDN S0 NT and two analog ports

- WLAN-equipped variant too

The new FRITZ!Box Fon with an ISDN S0 NT is the centerpiece of AVM's exhibit at CeBIT 2005 in Hanover (Hall 13, Stand C48). The Berlin communications specialist is now the first to combine Internet telephony (VoIP) over ADSL with an internal ISDN S0 line. The new leader of the FRITZ!Box Fon product family permits the use of existing ISDN telephones, or ISDN PBX equipment, for Voice-over-IP calls on the ADSL line. Thanks to the ISDN phones' fully digital voice transmission, they do away with the digital/analog signal conversion that affects voice quality with analog phones. In addition to ISDN telephones, the new AVM product also provides two analog extensions. And it connects computers to ADSL over USB, two Ethernet interfaces, and WLAN.

Internet Telephony over ADSL Now with ISDN Phones-Cordless Too The new FRITZ!Box Fon with an ISDN S0 NT (Network Terminator) is the first device of its kind to offer the convenience of dialing Internet phone calls over ADSL using ISDN telephones. This means that users' existing ISDN infrastructures can continue in service. For example, a DECT cordless ISDN base station, an ISDN Bluetooth access point, or an ISDN PBX can be connected to the new FRITZ!Box Fon. Because the product can manage up to 10 dial-in numbers-even from different providers-the DECT base station's individual cordless phones can be dialed individually. In addition to the ISDN S0 line, the new FRITZ!Box Fon also provides two extension lines for analog terminal equipment. This means the highlight of AVM's exhibit is ready to handle a whole family's phones, with capacity for two Internet calls and two landline calls simultaneously. Moreover, the new AVM product a offers a freedom never seen before in the choice of communication lines: all of the extension phones connected to FRITZ!Box Fon be used to call not only over the ADSL line, but over the ISDN or analog phone line as well.

Completely Digital: FRITZ!Box Fon with an ISDN S0 NT Combines ISDN, ADSL and VoIP

The new FRITZ!Box Fon with an ISDN S0 NT combines a landline and Internet PBX system, an ADSL modem and an ADSL router in one device. It is the first product to combine the advantages of ISDN and Voice-over-IP. This means that ISDN voice quality and ISDN convenience features are now joined with the economy of telephoning over the Internet. The voice signal is digitized right in the ISDN phone, then transmitted digitally by FRITZ!Box Fon and the Internet. This completely digital technology yields outstanding voice quality and, with appropriate support by the Internet telephony provider, offers ISDN convenience features such as Caller ID, call holding, call waiting, and three-party calls even for voice-over-IP. The new FRITZ!Box Fon is also available in a WLAN version for wireless Internet access.

AVM at CeBIT 2005, March 10-16: Hall 13, Stand C48


AVM Press Conference: Opening day, Thursday, March 10, 2004, 10:00 a.m. in the Convention Center, Room 13/14. Simultaneous interpreting in English will be provided at the press conference.

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