German TV hosts Ariane Alter and Sebastian Meinberg set new Guinness World Record for world's longest TV talk show

Record-breaking public broadcasting project by funk, PULS and ARD-alpha 

Starting Tuesday, the 12th of November 2019, lasting until today, the 15th of November 2019, Ariane Alter and Sebastian Meinberg, two hosts, known from their successful YouTube channel "Das schaffst du nie!" ("You will never make it"), presented the marathon television talk show lasting 72 hours. It was broadcast live on ARD-alpha, the only educational TV channel in the German-speaking world. The previous record of 70 hours and five minutes had been set by two Syrian journalists in 2014.

Over the course of the show, the hosts Alter and Meinberg entertained their audiences in and outside the studio with great dedication getting by with almost no sleep.

Apart from setting a new world record, both protagonists were on a mission to get smarter every hour. They achieved their goal by talking to more than 100 guests in the studio about science, politics, sustainability and pop culture. The YouTube livestream reached more than 1,8 million views (YouTube Analytics, realtime data).

During the entire 72 hours, independent observers were present. Their task was to verify the legitimacy of the record attempt and the compliance with the Guinness World Record rules. These comprise for example the number and length of toilet breaks and naps. To comply with the rules and to ensure the record attempt would be valid, the hosts had to talk and entertain their audiences for at least 40 minutes every hour.

"It was harder than we thought, but we feel super happy for having made it", said host Ariane Alter afterwards.

"We made it! The great result is an honour and absolute success for us. I am so proud that we never shy away from seemingly impossible challenges, like hosting a TV show for 72 hours", said host Sebastian Meinberg, proudly.

Highlight videos: https://www.youtube.com/dasschaffstdunie
More infos about the show, hosts and guests: br.de/presse

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