Deni Kragelj also on Amazon!

Deni Kragelj, a Slovene author, known for her collection of pedagogical, therapeutic stories for children, Life in the Sea and Life in the Forest, is now also publishing in English. Her e-book Life in the Forest can already purchased on Amazon in more than 200 countries. Hardcopies of the books as well as audio books will be available soon. The author has announced to publish an English version of her book Life in the Sea this year. The latter will also be published in at least 4 other languages. The Slovene collections of audio stories, which were initially published as part of the printed collections, will also be released individually as independent story albums. They will be available physically and electronically through various music rental providers.

More about the author and her English publications can be found at: https://deni.si
Book preorder: https://www.deni.si/izdelek/life-in-the-forest/
Deni Kragelj (Avtor), Kaja Lukač (Ilustracije), Tom Smith (Prevod)

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