Fraport Traffic Figures - June 2005: Frankfurt Achieves Strong Traffic Growth in June - First Half Tops 2004 Record

Frankfurt am Main, Germany (ots) - Germany's largest airport registered continuing strong growth in passenger and freight traffic in the reporting month. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) welcomed well over 4.6 million passengers in June 2005. Compared to the record year of 2004, this represented a further increase of 3.9 percent - the best ever June results for FRA.

FRA recorded over-proportional growth rates, especially on medium-haul routes to northern and eastern Europe. Passenger figures for Canada, South Africa, and the Middle East also grew briskly. Furthermore, India and China continue to serve as engines for positive air traffic development.

The surge in airfreight traffic was even more dramatic than for passengers. FRA handled some 155,000 metric tons of airfreight in June 2005, an 8.2 percent increase compared to the previous year. Traffic routes to the Middle East and Far East led the way. Due to the phased closing of FRA's overnight domestic airmail hub, the amount of letters and packages handled continued to decline by 16.6 percent to some 7,400 metric tons - resulting in a noticeable reduction in environmental blight during the night.

Aircraft movements at FRA climbed by 4.2 percent to 42,183 takeoffs and landings in June 2005. Maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) registered four percent growth - climbing to more than 2.4 million metric tons.

Both of the first two quarters (first half 2005) registered positive traffic figures. For example, FRA welcomed 24,757,381 passengers, an increase of 1.9 percent compared to the 2004 record year. Airfreight tonnage for the first half of 2005 jumped by 7.8 percent, reaching 900,101 metric tons. Aircraft movements climbed by 3.3 percent to 239,780 takeoffs and landings. Maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) - particularly important for airport charges - rose by 5.2 percent compared to 2004.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) also achieved good results. HHN served 1,431,512 passengers in the first half of 2005, an increase of 10.7 percent. Hanover Airport (HAJ) registered 2,512,683 passengers, up 7.8 percent, and Saarbrücken Airport (SCN) reported a 3.3 percent increase to 202,726 passengers for the first half of 2005.

Traffic figures for Antalya Airport (AYT) in the Turkish Riviera did not grow in the first half. Due to the opening of a second international terminal (in which Fraport is not a partner), traffic at the Fraport terminal dropped by 41.4 percent below the 2004 figure to 2,565,752 passengers by the end of June 2005.

Some 2,666,252 passengers used Peru's Lima Airport (LIM), an increase of 10.2 percent compared to the first half of 2004.

For the six-month period from January to June 2005, the Fraport Group saw passenger traffic decline by 2.3 percent - due to the "Antalya effect" - to 34,132,474 travelers. However, the Group's six airports increased cargo throughput by 6.9 percent to 1,115,522 metric tons.

Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures - June 2005

June 2005Change(2) June 05/June 04Jan. - June 2005Change(2) Jan. - June 05/04
Passengers(1)4,639,3763.9 %24,757,3811.9 %
Airfreight(1) in metric tons155,0778.2 %900,1017.8 %
Airmail in metric tons7,432-16.6 %49,027-15.5 %
Aircraft Movements(3)42,1834.2 %239,7803.3 %
MTOWs(3) in metric tons2,405,5524.0 %13,740,1405.2 %
Punctuality share of punctual arrivals and departures in percent81.276.3

(1) Total traffic (arrivals + departures + transit, incl. general aviation)

(2) Change over previous year

(3) Excluding military flights

Fraport Group - Traffic Figures for June 2005

AirportsPassen -gers(1) absoluteChange in %Cargo in metric tons (incl. airmail)Change in %Aircraft Movements absoluteChange in %
Frankfurt (FRA)4,638,3953.9160,1146.942,1834.2
Antalya(2) (AYT)517,251-63.3n.a.n.a.3,310-59.4
Frankfurt-Hahn(3) (HHN)275,74811.418,11313.83,58832.5
Hanover (HAJ)505,75314.01,241-10.58,1686.3
Lima (LIM)450,39612.313,24614.46,0586.9
Saarbrücken (SCN)52,3666.116166.71,4098.5
Fraport Group6,439,909-8.2192,7307.964,716-1.9

(1) Passengers (commercial traffic: arrivals + departures + transit)

(2) Only passengers of the Fraport managed terminal.

(3) Frankfurt-Hahn: includes cargo transported by truck