Fraport Traffic Figures - October 2005

"Golden October" Results in New Monthly Record at Frankfurt Airport / Double-digit Growth in Airfreight at FRA

Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - October 2005 could be described as a month of records for Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Germany's largest airport. Both passenger traffic and aircraft movements, as well as mean takeoff weights (MTOWs) - important for calculating airport charges - hit levels never before reached in any previous October. In the airfreight category, FRA even achieved a new historic monthly peak figure.

FRA welcomed 4,834,516 passengers in October 2005, a 0.4 percent increase compared to the corresponding month last year. With the amount of airfreight loaded and unloaded at FRA growing by 10.6 percent to 180,857 metric tons, airfreight boomed in the report month.

Above all, Asian traffic proved to be the driving force for growth in airfreight tonnage. In the passenger category, FRA enjoyed higher passenger figures, especially on routes to and from South Africa, the Middle East, as well as Northern and Eastern Europe.

The phased closing of FRA's so-called overnight domestic airmail hub (at the beginning of the Summer Timetable 2005) led to a 20.3 percent drop in overall airmail tonnage to 7,987 metric tons. Aircraft movements at FRA climbed by two percent to 43,233 takeoffs and landings. MTOWs, which experienced the same rate of growth, increased to 2,507,389 metric tons in October 2005.

Looking at the first ten months of the year, the following picture of FRA emerges: The number of passengers grew by 2.2 percent compared to the 2004 record year, and airfreight tonnage jumped 7.9 percent. Airmail tonnage declined by 16.8 percent. Aircraft movements increased by 3.1 percent, while MTOWs grew even faster by 4.1 percent.

The Fraport Group's six airports welcomed a total of 6,804,339 passengers in the reporting month, down 12.6 percent. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) registered an 8.5 percent increase in traffic to 280,548 passengers. At Hanover Airport (HAJ), October 2005 traffic grew by 6.8 percent to 627,704 passengers. Saarbrücken Airport (SCN) served 54,390 passengers, up 9.3 percent. The passenger terminal in Antalya, Turkey (in which Fraport is a significant owner) continues to be under-utilized due to competition from a new neighboring terminal. Therefore, Antalya Airport (AYT) saw traffic drop by 68.2 percent to 518,946 passengers in October 2005. At Lima Airport (LIM) in Peru, traffic rose by 9.9 percent to 489,304 passengers versus the same month last year.

Combined, the Fraport Group's airports handled a record 229,260 metric tons of cargo (airfreight and airmail), a 10 percent increase compared to the previous year's figure. The number of takeoffs and landings for the Group climbed by 6.1 percent to 64,658 in October 2005.

Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures - October 2005

October 2005Change(2) Oct. 05/ Oct. 04Jan. - Oct. 2005Change(2) Jan. - Oct. 05/04
Passengers(1)4,834,5160.4 %44,605,5332.2 %
Airfreight(1) in metric tons180,85710.6 %1,548,0167.9 %
Airmail in metric tons7,987-20.3 %79,376-16.8 %
Aircraft Movements(3)43,2332.0 %412,9863.1 %
MTOWs(3) in metric tons2,507,3892.0 %23,749,5734.1 %
Punctuality share of punctual arrivals and departures in percent73.177.0

(1) Total traffic (arrivals + departures + transit, incl. general aviation)

(2) Change over previous year

(3) Excluding military flights

Fraport Group - Traffic Figures for October 2005

AirportsPassen-gers(1) absoluteChange in %Cargo in metric tons (incl.airmail)Change in %Aircraft Movements absoluteChange in %
Frankfurt (FRA)4,833,4470.4186,1489.143,2332.0
Antalya(2) (AYT)518,946-68.2n.a.n.a.3,375-64.8
Frankfurt-Hahn(3) (HHN)280,5488.523,10520.83,45418.9
Hanover (HAJ)627,7046.81,3720.16,7552.3
Lima (LIM)489,3049.918,6277.56,4576.7
Saarbrücken (SCN)54,3909.38-1.31,3843.1
Fraport Group6,804,339-12.6229,26010.064,658-6.1

(1) Passengers (commercial traffic: arrivals + departures + transit)

(2) Only passengers of the Fraport managed terminal.

(3) Frankfurt-Hahn: includes cargo transported by truck