Samples of NextWave's advanced WiMAX baseband System-on-a-Chip and matched RFIC now shipping to consumer electronics and mobile device manufacturers

Business Editors/Technology Writers SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 16, 2007--NextWave Broadband Inc., a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVE), today announced it has begun shipping samples of its NW1000 Series WiMAX chipset, comprised of the NW1100 baseband system-on-a-chip (SOC), matched NW1200 multi-band RFIC, and associated system software, to consumer electronics and mobile device manufacturers.

NextWave's NW1000 Series is designed to provide wireless device manufacturers with an advanced platform to develop next-generation WiMAX mobile terminal products. The chipset incorporates numerous NextWave innovations to improve performance, reduce power consumption, lower manufacturing costs, enable advanced mobile-multimedia applications, and allow seamless operation and roaming across worldwide WiMAX frequencies and profiles.

"These chipsets, in conjunction with the full-form-factor reference designs we have developed, will help subscriber terminal manufacturers quickly and cost-effectively produce the innovative WiMAX terminal products needed to meet increasing market demand for true mobile broadband services," said Mark Kelley, Chief Division Officer of NextWave Broadband's Advanced Technology Group. "The chips we are now shipping are part of an extensive family of advanced mobile WiMAX chipsets being developed at NextWave - a chipset family being designed to offer innovations such as dual TDD/FDD support, extreme low-power consumption, and advanced mobile broadcast capabilities.

" Key features of the NW1000 Series chipset platform include:

-- IEEE 802.16e standard-based;

-- Supports PCI and SPI host interfaces;

-- Optimized RF-baseband interface for reduced BOM cost, ease of design, and optimized performance;

-- Highly-integrated direct conversion RFIC architecture;

-- Supports highly scalable channel bandwidths from 1.75 MHz to 20 MHz;

-- Supports major worldwide WiMAX spectrum allocations of 2.3 GHz (including the WCS band in the U.S.), 2.5 GHz (including the EBS/BRS band in the U.S.), and 3.4 - 3.8 GHz;

-- Integrated MIMO support; and

-- Optimized for mobile broadband services

NextWave's NW1000 Series chipset and innovative reference designs are a key element in the company's strategy to provide advanced, end-to-end system solutions optimized for mobile-multimedia applications such as mobile TV, streaming audio and video, and video surveillance, to mobile terminal OEMs and ODMs, including the international device vendors the company is currently working with.

About NextWave Broadband

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, NextWave Broadband Inc., a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ: WAVE), develops next-generation wireless broadband products and technologies for mobile device and network equipment manufacturers and for wireless service operators. The company's products and technologies include WiMAX baseband ASICs, multi-band RFICs, device reference designs, and end-to-end network solutions. With over 370 employees, NextWave Broadband has additional offices in Henderson, NV; Calgary, Canada; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Seoul, Korea. To find out more about NextWave Broadband visit www.nextwave.com.

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