A new 'call for applications' is commencing for trimo's 10th annual research awards for the best undergraduate, specialist, and master's dissertations, and doctoral theses.

Slovenia, Trebnje, 27 January 2011 - This year Trimo is organising the 10th annual call for applications for best research papers. Undergraduates, specialists, Master's dissertations, and Doctoral theses can be submitted from 27th January until 15th March 2011.

Trimo is one of the leading European companies for the production of steel assembly structures and fire-resistant panels, for roofs and façades, and this year the company is celebrating their admirable 50 years of operating. The company pays much attention to development, innovation, and the exchange of fresh, unconventional ideas; creative ideas and approaches are encouraged, via different projects and competitions - the most internationally recognised being Trimo's Research Awards. This competition does not only encourage innovation and creativity in Slovenia, where Trimo has its headquarters, but also from students of other countries - which is why applications from foreign countries are very welcome. This year the competition was open to students from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, and Great Britain.

This year's Trimo Research Awards will be the 10th in succession to award entrant authors for the best scientific papers, and offer them the opportunity to convert their ideas into reality. According to Miloš Ebner, MBA, the Chairman of the Committee for Research Work, "the primary aim of the competition is to create good cooperation between young, ambitious researchers, their mentors, professors, and the academic world, in conjunction with Trimo, who will be able to put that knowledge into use and produce practical results."

Besides developing cooperation between companies and universities, and increasing recognition of the company among students and specialists, one of the main intentions of these awards is also to encourage information and knowledge transfer between Trimo and external knowledge centres operating in those areas of interest to Trimo, and to encourage the students who show the most promise to connect with the company.

In the ten years since this competition started, participants from 47 universities, from 11 countries, received 348 awards. Approximately a quarter of all award-winners have cooperated with Trimo in various ways, even after the competition.

This year the competition opens on 27th January and candidates can submit their undergraduate, specialist, and Master's dissertations and Doctoral theses, which have been evaluated before a competent committee between 11th January and 31 December 2010, and applications are required by 15 March 2011.

Research papers involving architecture, construction or mechanical engineering can be submitted. Trimo's Committee for Research Work will pass the received work to specialists in those specific fields for assessment, and make a joint evaluation, and then award the best papers.

Papers including the most recent achievements in science and new approaches and solutions - which could be beneficial to Trimo in practice and whose results could make an important contribution to the future success of the company - will be considered.

Award-winners will receive a cash prize; the summary of their idea will be published in the collection of scientific papers of Trimo's Research Awards.

Candidates can apply by filling out the application form published on the website http://www.trimo-researchawards.com/en and by sending their originally bound papers, or personally delivering it by 15 March 2011, to the following address: Trimo, d. d., Trimo Research Awards, Prijateljeva cesta 12, 8210 Trebnje, Slovenia. For more information candidates can send an e-mail to: award@trimo.si

Detailed instructions for applicants of scientific papers are available at


For further information on the competition visit the website http://www.trimo-researchawards.com/en.

For detailed information please contact the PR Manager of Trimo Group Jana Lutovac Lah, MA: jana.lah@trimo.si , +386 (0)7 34 60 192.