Kapsch at CeBIT 2001

For many years Kapsch has been a reliable partner to a large number of highly respected customers and is one of the leading companies on the European information and communications market. At this year’s CeBIT the entire Kapsch Group will be presenting its products and services on the 800 m2 Kapsch stand in Hall 17, Stand E 56. The theme of the stand will be “e-globe”. Visitors will be given an overview of our extensive range of solutions and services for carriers, enterprises, traffic and utilities and will be presented with e-globe highlights, notably e-business solutions, applications and services from Kapsch that set the highest possible standards of innovation and reliability.

CeBIT 2001 highlights

e-globe solutions for traffic
The focus is on traffic telematics solutions, toll collection systems, intelligent roads and railway communication systems (GSM-R train radio system)
e-globe solutions for carriers
With Content @ Applications and the ;-) webforgroups internet communication platform for teamwork and data exchange.
CableStar (voice and data via CATV), NetXtender (visual service provisioning), carrier professional services
e-globe solutions for utilities
24power (e-business solution for energy suppliers and multi-utility providers), system operators (communication networks for private and commercial network operators)
e-globe solutions for enterprise
Professional services and web integration, Next Generation VoIP, call centers, data solutions, management solutions, MidiStar call centers, Starline-IP routers, officePOINT product family (integration of routers, switches and telecommunication systems).
e-globe channel from Kapsch
For the first time, visitors to CeBIT and anyone else interested in what’s happening at CeBIT, wherever they may be in the world, can now join in the action on an Internet News Channel that Kapsch will be running from CeBIT from day one of the fair. Kapsch’s e-globe channel will be beaming text, pictures and video directly from CeBIT 2001 onto the world wide web and on Kapsch’s screens at the CeBIT outdoor site and at the Kapsch stand.
The editorial team on site will include some of the most respected names in IT journalism. They will be filing reports from CeBIT on e-business, some serious, some entertaining, some a mixture of both, coving all the latest trends and being first with the news as it breaks.


The extensive portfolio of Kapsch AG in detail:

Unified Desktop Solutions
Everything that the modern user with an eye on the future needs on his desktop.

New 390x series - the power set: The large display, soft keys, central phonebook, stylish design and the flexibility to connect expansion modules put this terminal in a class of its own.

smart.user: The smartest temptation since CTI began. The convenience of using a PC to make and receive phone calls and the speed of dialing any number from a central phonebook with Outlook, Exchange or Lotus Notes will save you time and money.

Call Pilot: Unified messaging of the finest quality. By integrating Call Pilot into the Microsoft Outlook user interface all the various messaging options such as e-mail, voicemail and fax services are available in a single tool. It features quick and simple recording, playback and forwarding of voice messages using either a phone or a PC with a sound card and therefore reduces total cost of ownership.

Mobility solutions: DECT is a big hit with anyone in a company who needs to be mobile but in constant touch. It is a great time-saver and with a mobility solution from Kapsch your employees can be available at all times to take calls from customers. In addition, a modern highly organized office environment will also need solutions for wireless LAN and remote sites such as branch offices and home offices where the same functionality is needed as at headquarters.

SAM-WIN screen-based switchboard: A productivity tool for your company. The speedy and friendly way to connect calls. It will be greatly appreciated by your staff. Available as a software solution or as a combined software and hardware solution.

Multimedia Call Center Solutions

Express Call Center with Meridian1 and Meridian Mail: Better customer service with the IVR query menu that automatically allocates customers for three different services (Voiceform for 24-hour ordering; Fax on Demand for high-speed transmission of standard information; direct connection to the call center to a Life Agent who provides personal customer contact).

Web Contact Center: With the aid of smart.user.components, telephony functions are integrated on site into the web-based front-end solution on the agent’s workstation. All means of accessing the company are made available to the customer – telephone, fax, e-mail and webcall. Calls can be accepted at the push of a button and forwarded directly to a specialist team if there are any detailed questions to be answered. Direct integration in a customer database and in the Exchange address book means that CRM applications such as database marketing can also be provided.

Symposium Call Center: This solution for strategic demands provides individual and professional caller processing. Customer support is made much simpler thanks to a solution that is integrated in the customer database. Symposium supplies the necessary data for management and operations. You see online reporting and real-time displays – the most important tools for management to guarantee the defined level of customer service, deploy staff in the best possible way and keep costs in check.

IP telephony solutions – the future of communication

Meridian1 evolution: New functions such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and new terminals call for the latest system software but existing equipment such as Orion and Aries can continue to be used. Meridian1 provides an evolutionary path from classic telephony to IP telephony with VoIP. This involves networking different Meridian sites via an IP trunk, integrating remote and home offices via IP networks and linking IP terminals in-house via the existing data network.

Succession Call Server for Enterprise – the IP telephony revolution. For the first time Kapsch will be showing how to make and receive telephone calls via a multimedia IP switch. The communication solution of the future can be purchased today. Costs for cabling and management and therefore total cost of ownership can be reduced, particular if the telecommunications infrastructure is being set up from scratch. With Succession Call Server on a ready-for-voice LAN, voice can become an application on the network.

Networking and management

Ready-for-voice networks: The network infrastructure has to meet special requirements, particularly if voice is to be transmitted as a synchronous service. Adequate bandwidth, prioritizing and a switched infrastructure are important for achieving the necessary quality of service. Special significance is attached to the design of the entire network. Our specialists will be happy to help you meet this challenge and find the best possible solution in both the LAN and WAN environments.

Voice and data networks: For companies with several sites it is important for their future competitiveness to have all their external offices fully integrated in their central systems. This affects the often separate aspects of voice and data communication. In telephony there are various options for networking to produce a complete system, depending on the customer’s circumstances – from analog or ISDN connections to VoIP, from a home office to a 16,000 port system. The same also applies of course to data networks – from dedicated lines to satellite links, frame relay, ATM or IP – with the appropriate infrastructure depending on the specific requirements.

Management systems – each system is as good as its management: Depending on requirements, there are various tools available for single sites and for distributed systems. SIGMA, for example, is the ideal tool for the professional management, operation and maintenance of Meridian networks. It can also be integrated in an umbrella management system as an element manager so that the system administrator and the network coordinator can access all the components in a single tool. Secure network operation, early detection of problems and administration from a central workstation are just some of the many ways in which it can keep total cost of ownership permanently in check.

e-globe lounge as a CeBIT magnet

Kapsch’s “e-globe lounge” at CeBIT 2001 is waiting to welcome you with first-class advice on the solutions on display, interesting presentations, culinary delights from the famous Hotel Imperial in Vienna and some exclusive cultural entertainment. Dancers from the world famous Kirov ballet will join with artists from Noisia, a futuristic Austrian music group that has had great success on Broadway, to present the artistic highlight of CeBIT 2001. A piece of music composed specifically for this event will be played a number of times each day against a backdrop made from aluminum tubes.

As Vienna is famous throughout the world for its music, another sensational show has been put together in cooperation with the United Theaters of Vienna. The musical “Hair”, which is currently running in Vienna, will be staged on the Kapsch stand in a special version tailored to CeBIT three times a day by a total of six artists (four singers and two dancers). The program will be hosted by Kai Böcking from the German television company, ZDF.