With MMS Gateway Services, conVISUAL advances along path to success

Oberhausen, Germany (ots) - Following the successful deployment of MMS applications for the leading German mobile communications network operators, conVISUAL is expanding its market position in the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) sector further: With the MMS Gateway Services provided by the German messaging specialists, customers can send their multimedia messages reliably and securely, and thus use this innovative mobile medium for their content and services.

As part of its visual messaging services, conVISUAL now offers MMS distribution in addition to the mass sending of SMS messages. This new service is available immediately. Thanks to the technical connection to T-Mobile and Vodafone, conVISUAL ensures that multimedia messages can be sent easily within these networks and, probably beginning in the second quarter, also in the E-Plus and O2 networks. Besides pure MMS message distribution to the appropriate network, conVISUAL's services portfolio also includes the provision of convenient interfaces for delivering content, the automatic generation of MMS messages, as well as settlement of accounts with network operators.

The sending of MMS messages is especially interesting for media companies, Internet portals, content or service providers and retailers who offer their services via MMS-capable mobile phones or who would like to use MMS as an additional channel for distributing their content. As a result, companies ranging from TV stations to publication houses, through to fast food chains, can send their multimedia offerings directly to the devices of their target group. The spectrum of possible content includes current soap opera information, horoscopes, cinema trailers or news, as well as lotteries or special offers for travel. The service operator decides whether the services the mobile phone owner uses are fee-based, and to be settled via conVISUAL, or free within the framework of a mobile marketing campaign. conVISUAL provides Premium SMS as the billing method for fee-based services: The mobile phone user orders the MMS service by sending an SMS message to a short code number. The charge is added to the mobile phone bill. The advantage for the service provider is that no individual billing infrastructure needs to be set up.

In addition to MMS Gateway, conVISUAL has also launched another two new products: MMS Content Platform and the "Mobile Corner". With the MMS Content Platform, conVISUAL paves the way to entering the lucrative MMS sector: Users of MMS-capable mobile phones can personalise their phones with polyphonic ring tones, subscribe for the latest news and funny comics, or have fun with the event calendars and interactive applications. The "mobile corner" caters to the profitable Smart Messaging mobile phone market (e. g., almost all Nokia models). conVISUAL bundles the success guarantors for the mobile communications mass market in this comprehensive service: attractive logos, picture messages and ring tones as well as FunTXT Messaging, which converts pure text messages into comic images with text.

The company aims to expand its successful concept further within Europe. Consequently, conVISUAL has recruited two new sales employees to help consolidate its market position: Ulrich Becker and Uwe Rößler. Both have many years' experience in the telecommunications market and are assisting with sales activities since the beginning of the year.

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conVISUAL is the first Wireless Application Service Provider focused on the realisation of Visual and Multimedia Messaging Services. Through an innovative product portfolio conVISUAL creates opportunities for network operators, service providers, ISPs and media companies to expand their businesses by leveraging the extraordinary potential of multimedia messaging services. conVISUAL's Multimedia Message Broker (MMB) is the intelligent platform for the creation, personalization, conversion and distribution of mobile multimedia messages. Using the MMB, conVISUAL operates numerous messaging applications, that are growing concurrently with the emerging multimedia facilities of mobile devices: The MMB supports all of today's common messaging standards, such as SMS, Smart Messaging, EMS, MMS, WAP Push and other proprietary formats. Based in Oberhausen in Germany, conVISUAL employs a talented and experienced team, concentrating highest industry excellence including Ericsson, Mannesmann Mobilfunk, Nokia, Lucent Technologies and Theron Business Consulting.

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