GLOBAL ROCKSTAR UNITED: A Song Tying the Continents Together

Music knows no borders: This is the motto of the song "To the Moon", co-written by six artists from six continents, and released on September 16, 2015. The occasion: The relaunch of the music platform globalrockstar.com.

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Global Rockstar United

To celebrate the relaunch of globalrockstar.com, the Viennese startup invited one registered artist from each continent to Vienna, Austria. Jhanniel (ARG), Katie Thompson (NZL), Christian Rabb (SWE), Syssi Mananga (COG), A Yeon (KOR) and Murray Yates (CAN) traveled over 53,000 kilometres to collaborate with each other. A week after starting on August 14, they finished the single "To the Moon" which will be released worldwide on September 16, 2015.

This project exceeded the expectations of all involved and shows that borders, that cause endless pain in today's world, don't exist in the world of music.

Global Rockstar 2015: The world's largest online music contest

Until October 15, musicians worldwide can upload their original songs to globalrockstar.com. Fans vote through social media shares or by casting paid votes. Artist's reward paying fans with exclusive goodies like signed CDs or private concerts.

How it works

First, fans choose their country's representative to compete in the global finals, where the winner is rewarded with the $25,000 (US) grand prize. The top three finalists win valuable gear from AKG by HARMAN, Paiste and ADAM. Additionally, all participating artists receive up to 90% of their fans' paid-vote revenue.

About Global Rockstar

In 2013, Global Rockstar was co-founded in Vienna by songwriter/producer Christof Straub and marketing expert Ronny Steibl.
In 2014, artists from more than 140 countries entered the contest and over 1.5 million votes were cast. Argentina's Jhanniel won the grand prize.

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