GLOBAL ROCKSTAR 2015: global marketplace for musicians opens

In the world's largest online music contest, from 15 October musicians can sell fan items for votes. Musicians from 168 countries are already taking part. The winner can expect a main prize of USD 25,000!

The online music platform "Global Rockstar" is scoring points with another innovation: from the start of voting on 15 October, musicians can offer their merchandise for sale, for instance signed t-shirts or living room concerts, on the newly created "Global Rockstar marketplace" in return for fans' votes. For example, a signed album costs EUR 15 and gets the musician 150 votes in the contest. Up to 90% of the takings go to the artist. This way, yet another option is available to fans who wish to support their favourites - besides the free social media votes.

Here's how it works: artists upload their self-penned song and fan items to www.globalrockstar.com, starting now. From 15 October, fans from every country choose their national representative. Ultimately, in the final, all national winners will compete for valuable non-money prizes and the main prize of USD 25,000.

The Global Rockstar voting system was created to counter the model used on TV casting shows, where viewers submit millions of SMS votes at a cost, but artists receive nothing. Fans also go away empty-handed. "For the first time, both artists and fans profit from our fair income model," says Global Rockstar founder Christof Straub.

Global Rockstar 2015 - take part now!

Musicians from all countries can upload their self-composed song to www.globalrockstar.com until 15 November 2015.

About Global Rockstar

"Global Rockstar" was founded in Vienna by Christof Straub and Ronny Steibl in 2013.
A total of 140 countries took part in "Global Rockstar" in 2014; 1.5 million votes were cast overall. Jhanniel from Argentina was the winner.

Some 14,000 artists and 140,000 fans are now registered on the music platform.


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