Global Rockstar: the winners of the national competitions now fight for the title of "Global Rockstar 2015"

The national rounds of Global Rockstar, the world's largest online music competition, ended on 1 December 2015, at 10:00 am, in 151 participating countries. The national champions, who will now compete in the global finale for the title of "Global Rockstar 2015", have now been chosen. On 15 December 2015, we will finally find out who will take the grand title, as well as the prize of USD 25,000 in cash and professional musical equipment worth a further USD 25,000.

The ranking will be based on an entirely new type of voting system consisting of social media votes on Facebook and Twitter alongside paid votes. In exchange for paid votes, fans can receive music, merchandise and special goodies offered by the artists on www.globalrockstar.com. This means that artists' rankings don't depend on a jury, but instead entirely on their fans. At the same time, artists can earn money for their music and their products thanks to the worldwide Global Rockstar "marketplace" - an ingenious win-win idea for artists and fans which has been met with great interest and huge demand around the world.

At the moment, Italian trash metal band Methedras is in the lead, having had the greatest success at mobilising their fans. The national winners now have to devote all their energy into motivating their fans to vote one more time, to bring them, and not least their country, to global leadership in this spectacular competition.

This revolutionary music competition is the brainchild of songwriter and producer Christof Straub, who is one-half of the duo Papermoon, and marketing expert Ronny Steibl, from Vienna. You can find additional information and details about the charts at www.globalrockstar.com.


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