A new approach to the world of photovoltaics - solar cells integrated in buildings' coating

Trebnje, 13 June 2008 - In Trimo we have developed, and already installed, the first photovoltaic roof system which offers an environmentally friendly means of obtaining electricity from solar power. The proof that Trimo breathes with nature is our membership in UN Global Compact, as well as the Planet Positive sign that we have obtained.

This is an integrated solution, consisting of SNV-3L panels and thin photovoltaic modules. It is a new generation of thin attached photovoltaic modules made of amorphous silicon. "As the modules can be bent, they can be integrated in roof panels and thus ensure uniformed looks and aesthetics," says Trimo's researcher dr. Boštjan Černe.

The panel can be used on commercial, industrial, recreational, and many other types of buildings. We can also build turnkey solar power plants. Solar power plants produce green electricity, which an investor in Slovenia can sell at subsidised so-called feed-in tariffs, which enables investment return in a shorter period. To provide its users with support, Trimo has, in addition, developed a software program for the roof panel - the TrimoExpert PV - which enables a monthly estimate of the electricity your solar power plant generates to be made.

Trimo's EcoSolar PV roof panel is distinguished by a number of advanced solutions:

- integrated solution, without additional elements

- no penetrations into the roof, thus maintaining the integrity of the roof and reducing possibility of damage to the corrosion protection,

- no additional support frame necessary,

- better yield of electricity at high temperatures than with classic systems,

- better yield at sub-optimal roof inclinations and positioning

- the biggest advantage of thin photovoltaic modules made of amorphous silicon is the better yield with diffused light,

- low weight and lower static load on the roof.

Planet Positive

Environmentally friendly technologies play an important role at sustainable protection of natural sources for the future generations. Innovative thinking, permanent development, and environmental responsibility are Trimo's important principles, which is why the company, as the first and the only Slovenian company, received the Planet Positive sign for its products, and Trimoterm. By obtaining the sign, Trimo joined the most distinguished European companies with special attention to environment. The Planet Positive initiative comes from Great Britain and the sign is given only to the most environment-friendly companies whose solutions and systems contribute to the reduction in CO2 emissions, or to a positive record of emissions sent into the air during production. Under the Planet Positive sign Trimo encourages its business partners and a wider social environment to the path of the planet protection.

UN Global Compact

By becoming a member of UN Global Compact, which was established eight years ago, Trimo also joined socially responsible companies, non-governmental organisations and universities from 90 countries. The UN Global Compactas members are committed to respecting human rights, labour standards and are environmentally responsible.

/ Trimo, as the first Slovenian company to receive the prestigious European award for business excellence in Athens, generates the revenues in more than 50 countries worldwide through 14 subsidiaries, 7 representative offices, and 6 representatives. The total sales last year totalled EUR 219.7 million, which is an increase of 26 percent, as compared to the year before. The Trimo Group's net profit for last year was EUR 7.7 million. On 31 December 2007 Trimo employed 1,144 people.


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