New MP3 Feature for More Entertainment

CHAM, Switzerland

RapidShare, one of the most popular 1-click hosters, is offering Premium users a virtual MP3 player. Customers can listen to the music they have saved in the online Premium Zone in any location, whether this be at their place of work, with friends or at home.

The RapidShare MP3 player provides more entertainment when surfing the web and on the go. It enables subscribers to access music saved in the Premium Zone through their web browsers. This means customers can hear their favourite songs anytime and in any place. All they need is a browser-compatible terminal device to connect with RapidShare and their account.

Operation of the player is simple. As the MP3 function is integrated into the Premium Zone, files in MP3 format are automatically recognised.

Furthermore, users can compile their MP3 songs to create an individual playlist and change them as they wish.

About RapidShare

RapidShare AG distributes digital information for companies and individuals. The data can be loaded onto the system in just a few steps and is then available for recipients to download. RapidShare AG was founded in 2006 and is based in Cham, Switzerland.

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