Rapidshare launches creative competition: Design the coolest T-shirt!

CHAM, Switzerland,--

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Creativity pays off: Rapidshare AG today launched the second T-shirt design contest in which the new design for the coveted Limited Edition Rapidshare T-shirt is being sought. No limits have been placed on participants' creativity, and anyone over 18 years may participate*. The winner will receive a Roccat Smart Desktopment System and a mobile 2.5" 1TB hard drive from Samsung. The deadline for submissions is 24:00 on February 19 2010.

At http://www.rapidshare.com/tshirt2010.html, Rapidshare AG, one of the most popular one-click hosts, calls on creative minds to develop the design for the high-quality Rapidshare T-shirt. Not more than 5000 of the Limited Edition T-shirts will be produced; they are used by Rapidshare during promotions and are available to users exclusively as a bonus in the Rapid Point section.

The Rapidshare jury selects the ten best designs from among all submissions and presents them to the RapidShare community for voting starting February 28, 2010. For one week, users will vote on how Rapidshare will present itself in 2010. RapidShare is giving away high-quality PC hardware from Roccat and RapidShare annual subscriptions to all finalists. As a first prize, the designer of the limited edition T-shirt will receive a portable 2.5" hard drive from Samsung with 1TB disk space and a Roccat SMDS set consisting of a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse and USB hub.

* Conditions of participation at http://www.rapidshare.com/tshirt2010.html

About RapidShare

RapidShare AG hosts information for companies and individuals: users upload their data to the system via 1-click hosting in just a few steps and receive a link that enables them to download the information as needed or delete it. RapidShare AG was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Cham, Switzerland.

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