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CHAM, Switzerland, November 18/PRNewswire/ -

- Now available to retailers: RapidShare Premium Accounts

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Starting immediately, RapidShare is offering prepaid cards. Now store retailers will join online platforms in being able to sell RapidShare premium accounts in national currencies. This development is of particular interest to internet cafes and computer stores, since many of their customers are already familiar with RapidShare. The target group for the sale of prepaid cards consists of millions of RapidShare users worldwide who prefer to make cash rather than credit card payment on the internet.

When customers purchase a prepaid card, they can obtain a premium account valid for 30, 60, 180 or 365 days, including support provided in numerous languages by phone and email. The access information is located on the back of the card - protected by a scratch-off coating - along with short instructions and the support department's contact information. In just a few steps, RapidShare makes it possible to send files too large for email.

The cards can be ordered directly from RapidShare in batches of 100 or alternatively, from selected retailers at your location. Interested retailers may contact RapidShare at reseller@rapidshare.com for more details.

About RapidShare

RapidShare AG distributes digital information to companies and individual clients. Data can be uploaded into a system in a few easy steps and then made available for users to download. RapidShare AG was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Cham, Switzerland.

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