Compliance on Demand

  • The payment services providers Equens and Cellent Finance
    Solutions initiate a cooperation
  • Financial sanctions monitoring as a leasing model
  • Pilot phase start in December of 2009

Stuttgart - The international payment services provider Equens SE with headquarters in Utrecht (NL) and the Cellent Finance Solutions AG are offering a transaction monitoring, which has become mandatory with the ratification of the third EU- money laundering regulation, in the form of a future-oriented and SMARAGD TCM-based service.

Due to increased requirements in the wake of the European Money Laundering Directives and national money laundering laws, Equens has opted for the introduction of SMARAGD TCM as the system to monitor payment orders for embargo and sanction violations. As an application service provider, Equens will offer the new service in the future and optionally as an addition to the existing product catalog.

Equens's customers, which include some of Europe's largest banks, can monitor not only payments transactions made through Equens, but are also able to directly connect their own systems with the help of this new service module. The entire financial sanctions monitoring can therefore be performed efficiently and economically through a single system. Suspected embargo violation cases or potential sanctions violations are processed through a customizable client connection.

Equens' customers will not only benefit from an attractive, demand-based pricing, but also from a software that is always up-to-date with current legislation, as well as from Cellent Finance Solutions longstanding experience and expertise of in the field of Financial Sanctions Monitoring.

As a company with an international clientele, Equens has very high demands regarding the performance of the employed systems. Ralph Weik, General Manager IT at Equens, confirms this: "When selecting systems, Equens puts great emphasis on the factors system security, scalability and multi-organization capability. The necessary flexibility to meet individual requirements of our international customers is also of great importance. In conjunction with our high-availability server environment, SMARAGD TCM completely fulfills these requirements".

For Thomas Wild, board member of Cellent Finance Solutions, the cooperation with Equens is a confirmation that the long-term product strategy of his company is now yielding success. At the contract signing he said: "Our software operates at a high level of performance and achieves very precise results. The performance of SMARAGD TCM becomes apparent during the very high transaction volumes, that are processed daily through an international payment service provider such as Equens. For us, Equens decision to employ our product is the best proof for the viability of our solution."

In December of 2009 Equens on-demand solution was successfully commissioned in a pilot customer's organization. For 2010, it is planned to implement the solution in other major banks as well. In the medium term, it is planned to expand the cooperation to identify high-risk customers, known as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), as well as the monitoring of transactions to banks in danger of bankruptcy.




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