smart.card - High-tech Museum Visit

Vienna (ots) - The new "Media Worlds" Department of the Technical Museum in Vienna offers a special form of visitor interaction using the innovative smart.card: the card enables visitors to register individually in the system: they choose a fictional name and can pick personal settings - such as the language in which information should be displayed on the exhibition terminal. The card is recognised wirelessly by reader devices spread throughout the exhibition as soon as the holder approaches the terminal concerned.

Guide and log book

The smart.card activates an electronic log book, which guides the way through the museum. A digital map shows visitors in which part of the exhibition they are currently located, where they have already been, and what is left for them to visit.

On the terminals of the media.matrix - a media history produced in multimedia - the visitor can see which subject areas have already been visited. In addition, selected text fields from the content of the media.matrix can be filed in the "Rucksack".

Virtual Rucksack

The card enables visitors to collect digital exhibition items (images, texts, sounds, films) in a virtual rucksack. This content can be edited at workstations in the "Digital area" of the exhibition, or sent home via the Internet.

Visitors can present a TV programme in an interactive television studio in front of operational cameras, and store the video recording in their rucksack using the smart.card. Excerpts from an archive of TV broadcasts that can be called up in the exhibition can also be stored in this way.

Communication instrument

A further function of the card is digital correspondence: any card user logged on to the system can be contacted with a short message. Furthermore, individual items from the content stored in the "rucksack" can be sent to them.

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